Some Questions Related to DOM book

Well as i was reading the book i got stuck on
where the author ask us to think about the

5 Phrases

The scent of a burning rose.
Leaves crushed in my fingers
And sooo on …
(if you have read the book you know exact what i mean)

So my question is … do i have to think / visualise these things during the ritual

where should I use them … and whats your experience whith these phrases

The book says

The following five phrases connect you with the five primary senses.
There are other more refined senses, such as the sense of gravity and
momentum, but here we gain an awareness of the five familiar senses. As you
speak each sentence, and this applies to the first time you utter the words as
much as it applies to the ten thousandth application, you must imagine the
sensation as described.

soo is it a part of Ritual ?? should i say those phrases after calling the angles

i am confused right now


The instructions are detailed and start on page 42, with “The Ritual Preparation”.

There’s multiple options and you should read those and make decisions of how you want to proceed according to what you need.

Did you read those yet?

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Yeah I did

So what is the question?

Have you done the very first part?


Yeah i got the whole Ritual Preparation part

my question is about the phrases

The scent of a burning rose (page 67)
Leaves crushed in my fingers.

should i visualise them … should i say them out loud

how will these phrases help me during Ritual

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I think all of that is already explained in the book as long as I can remember. The author clearly explained how to say them and when to say them you recite those phrases during the opening ritual.


That is the Evocation Key, it’s used as described on page 74 and 75 during the Core ritual, which you do after the Preparation Ritual. You use it to call the entity after you called the Shem angel.

In other grimoires these are called a pathworking, they are the way to reach the energy of the entity. Like a phone number.

You visualise them, as described on most of page 75. He walks you through it using Focalor as an example.

READ the instructions.

Bottom og p74:


Ohh okay i didnt go till THE CORE RITUAL

so i was confused about the phrases
thanks :+1::blush:

Yeah i didnt read about THE CORE RITUAL yet soo i was confused … Thanks for the reply :+1:

It’s a bad idea to do anything until you finished reading all of the sections about the various rituals.

None of that info is superfluous, a lot of it is directly aimed at explaining this specific system as well as magick in general to newbies.

If you want your ritual to work, you have to step up and insert yourself into it, and you can’t do that if you don’t know what the options are and how they fit together. Don’t try to take shortcuts, it’s not worth it.


Bro i am not doing any ritual chill !! … i am just reading the book thats all
i will finish reading the book once

then i will read it again and make notes

i will read my notes and understand and try to find the points i missed

and then … i will try the rituals that are in the book

this is how i usually study about new stuff…

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I’m not your bro. :roll_eyes:

Good luck if you think once is enough. My advice stands - for whenever you get around to it - just don’t half-ass it.

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Oh :pleading_face: m sorry i didnt mean to offend you in any way

i just used Bro in general …

well in the above msg i mentioned reading the book TWICE and reading the NOTES again and again to find out if I missed anything

i know reading once is not enough :sweat_smile:

It’s important to read the instructions thoroughly and understand what you are supposed to do, but it’s also important that you actually do the magick. It’s not uncommon for newcomers to be rather confronted by the demons and hesitant to summon them. The Goetia have been known to “test” those who seek to work with them, and I consider this to be the first of these. Show them that you have the strength to call them up and they will respect that strength.

If I may, I think it is wise to evoke Vine early on in your practice. Those who have not experienced the demons may not be able to imagine how they do this, but Vine can assist you with your magick.

I used to work with this book, and I started with the first ritual, but quickly moved to connective evocation once I was familiar with the opening and core parts of the ritual process. The Core Ritual is perhaps easy to underestimate, but it is more powerful than you may think at first glance. Do the magick and your mindset and personality will change and your imagination will grow strong.


Will do …Tysm✌️

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gom books are pretty self explanatory,. Very easy to understand. It’s probably cuz your not reading the whole instructions. Most likely the book tells you about the steps and then go further into detail of it later. Then they summarize the whole steps. The book is in front of you. you should be able to figure it out. Your unsure cuz your reading partial and asking quesitons.

I still don’t know how people get lost with the simple instructions from the GOM books. All i can think of is they rushing or thinking too much in parts rather than reading the whole rituals. One can’t grasp the whole structure process if one haven’t read all the require ritual steps.

there’s prep phase. ritual opening phase , core ritual phase and choice of ritual 1,2,3 . So if you just reading prep and opening phase and thinking your going to cast already; your not getting the full instructions yet. So of course your not going to understand it.

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Please read the above msg … as i already said i am not doing any ritual

i am just asking some things i dont understand

i dont know why people start judging already


no offense but out of 15 msg just one message explained me things clearly
and the rest were all judgements

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I didn’t say your doing rituals. It’s not judgement. it’s not just to you. We get lots of post asking such when the book is very thorough at explaining. All you are going to get is rephrase of the instructions in the book if you ask us.
Many newbies keep asking questions before even reading the whole book or going through the instructions part way. If they just be patient and just read the book they would get their answers. People can read again and take notes on the steps but it seems they don’t want to. they want to be told instead of thinking things out for themselves.

One of the silly post question is … ‘how do I use the book’. you read it and it will tell you. A person really don’t need to be told to read the book, but somehow people want to be told. Or they want to be guided step by step. Learning magick require effort on one’s part no dependence on others to tell you what to do.


Look, the idea w/ all evocation code “sets” is to create an environment favorable for magic. If you look at all those code sets, even the ones for the demons, they each correspond to one of your senses.

The idea is to fill your space with them, so your area should smell like burning roses, sound like crackling gravel, feel like dried leaves, you should see twilight blue, and you should be tasting blood. Imagine being immersed in all of that.

The same holds for the demonic codes.

If you find it difficult, go burn some roses and get a good whiff of it, walk on some gravel and listen to it, and so on. Then just pull it from your memory.

From an academic standpoint, visualization and imagery apply to all of the senses in both literature and psychology. That’s what he’s getting at, but he does a crap job explaining it imo. Still a phenom book!

And fyi, I’m not kidding about burning roses, etc…if you like that book and you’re going to be using it, it’s well worth the effort. Same goes for reproducing the demonic codes of your favorite demons. The demons dig it too…