Some questions regarding theta gamma

I am trying very hard to master the theta/gamma brain state, as i know it is crucial to successful magic. I was planning to take EA’s course on evocation (as I’m sure that would help me master the theta gamma state , but my boyfriend recently lost his job, we are broke and I need to save as much money as possible to pay rent next month or we’ll lose our place to live. So until my bf gets a job, I gotta put the evocation course on the back burner.

ANYWAYS back to the main point (lol)
I have the few following questions:

1.) What does it feel like to be in the theta-gamma state?

2.) I’m kind of afraid of being in this state, since it’s not familiar to me. Say, I’m doing an evocation, then I get into this sleep like state and have no control to complete the ritual?

3.) I’ve been studying EA’s lecture video on evocation for a long time now, taking notes…ect. I just want to make sure I have the following facts about getting into the theta gamma state right: 1.) you want to really get in touch with your body, w a method such as imagining you are filled with light. 2.) Even if you feel as if you are not entering the state, pretend you are… fake it till you make it. 3.) Don’t try to hard.

Thanks for your help guys!

There ought to be one main T/G Sync thread pinned to the top of this forum.

Get comfortable. Start taking deep/long breaths – this will get you more relaxed and will begin to remove mental chatter/thought words. Invoke omnipotence/breath in light as you do this and feel it flowing throughout your body. If you can’t visualise well yet then simply feel it.

You should be feeling quite relaxed now. Allow your breathing to reach a comfortable pace and then bring your attention to something. Someone mentioned in another thread trying to hear high-pitched ringing, or you can visualise a simple object such as a baseball, with its two pieces of leather and stitching. Spin it around, take it apart, imagine the texture etc.

Whatever it is, after a short period of directed attention you should begin to feel a falling/weightless sensation. Keep up with whatever you’re doing and go with it.

At this point I think you’re in the high/mid-theta range. You will feel as if you’ve reached a sort of plateau – that you can stop the visualisation and simply observe the darkness around you with ease and without mental chatter (words that aren’t your thoughts may begin to enter your head if you don’t maintain the silence though). Now you can begin the ritual. I’ve found that if I enter this state with no intent or focus I quickly lose control and end up nodding off to sleep.