Some questions on vampire servitor feeding

I ended up writing a lot of questions regarding it…
And I’ve heard it helps increasing one’s psychic senses and abilities too which would be great for me

1.When I send my servitor to feed on some targets far from me, how do I plan on how much energy to consume of them? (I dont want them to die or have a VERY low energy to even continue a day with)

  1. Would it be wise to tell my servitor to vamp on their energy and sending them to me and “having some of it for its own”, like a 70-30 deal? Should empower itself too :thinking:

3.How do I control the amount of energy being sent to me? Guess it would be better to have energy pools, and take energy from it :thinking:

  1. Would it harm having all the energy sent to me directly? (After some filtering)

  2. Would it be enough to just tell the servitor to “filter” the energy before sending to me? Filter to what? Or should I do some more things to properly filter it?

(Secondly, I would like to have the servitor greatly empowered too and maybe at a later stage transform it into tendrils of my own (while the servitor being a part of it too) :thinking: just thoughts…

Some say vampirism can be addictive. :thinking: I believe i can limit my servitor from excessively doing it as it’s under my control.