Some questions about evocations

Hi so my questions are,

  1. Once you evoke a entity through meditation etc, is their voice clear as if you just had your eyes closed and you someone’s was speaking to you, or is it more inside your thoughts?

  2. If it is inside your thoughts how can you tell whether or not what is being said is your own or the entity speaking to you?

  3. If I evoked a entity at this exact moment and someone also evoked it at this exact moment can the entity only speak to one person at a time?

  4. I read a thread about a person invoking daemons whilst walking around etc, is it possible to do that? (I can try retrieve the thread of a anyone interested)


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The spirits may probably communicate with more than one individual at the same moment. They aren’t subjected to space and time, or at least not the rules applying to physical beings, and each person have inside “microcosmic” gods, angels, demons…
I think it’s possible to invoke while walking. And in general, messages from entities are perceived like thought, practice and the degree of clairaudience help to recognize them; one may eventually reach a point where voices are heard.

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This is an interesting question, I will share that for me sound is just vibration. It is commonly picked up by the ear and processed by the brain into something we recognize to provide an understanding but it can be perceived in other ways as well. Waves can be sent and received in various ways. The ears are not the only organ you hear with. Your bones too :slight_smile:

I think knowing yourself fully is the pivot point. You just know that the ideas, speech patters and sensations are not your own. I think this will only come with practice.

Being outside the third dimension our rules do not apply. Here is a cool video that simplifies things on that.

Hope this provides a little help at least


You ask several questions but I will focus on two:
You interrogate … /// Once you evoke an entity through meditation, etc., is your voice clear as if you had just closed your eyes and someone was speaking to you, or is it more within your thoughts? / //
When the thoughts or feelings we experience are transmitted through non-physical means from one person to another, in this case your person to an entity must have well specified:
(1) Understanding the phenomenon.

(2) Learn to work with your own energies.

(3) Identification of thought patterns and processes, to know when there is a thought “that has entered” and that has not been generated by you.

When we think, we have an emotion, or we experience feelings, that information is emitted with energy. Thoughts and feelings modulate the energies we emit. That is why TELEPATIA appears as a COMMUNICATION PROCESS. The physical body does not participate in telepathy, having to eliminate its attention from it to facilitate the process. If you focus less on your physical senses, you will be more likely to distinguish the inputs that come from your energy body and psychosome (astral body). Strength of will and concentration are the most important aspects to be taken into account by the issuer. This can increase the amount of energy we are sending and print the thought and feeling more clearly in telepathic transmission.
That is why it is recommended to study mental processes to begin to identify when and how you think. This will allow you to identify ideas that are not yours, where the thinking is clearly very different from your typical way of thinking and you cannot identify the origin of that idea. It is there where I can answer your second question: //// If it is within your thoughts, how can you know if what is said is yours or the entity that is speaking to you? ///

I advise you in these last words: Relaxation is very important in order to decouple the different forms of energy. Close your eyes while sitting upright in a chair. Focus on the thoughts clearly in your mind. We all have some form of telepathic power, but their level of ability is different since it is the ability to communicate using their mind. This is a very peculiar way of the divinities to establish connection, it is now time for you to rely on your definition: transfer of mental contents between the summoner and the called deity. without the use of any of the five senses. It is, therefore, a form of extrasensory perception that will progress in progress as you have more ties in relation to them. A hug!

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