Some questions about angering demons?

Alright, Some backstory here. I personally didn’t anger anything, but my sister and her friend did a long time ago.

Anyways, Probably ten years ago, when I was about 12 (This actually what kicked my interest off in Magick, funny enough.) My sister and her friend got into like seances as Ouija boards and would try to contact spirits or whatever. I don’t really remember what they did, but the next day when they went for a walk through the woods, they saw a large black figure,with no face, kind of wearing a black hat and a trenchcoat. I actually saw it once in my backyard, and when I looked at it, It scared me, but I didn’t feel threatened by it for some reason, I knew I didn’t piss it off.

I still really don’t know what they did, they never really told me, but It kept showing itself to them for two years, Harassed them and whatnot, It seemed to be punishing them for being reckless and disrespectful.

Anyways, I was wondering, Because I’m pretty sure they must have really offended something or did something I don’t know about for that to happen. Anyone care to elaborate? Maybe I’m just being ignorant, and don’t know, and If so, I apologize, Just something I could never really find the answer for, or even insight for that matter.

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It could be a number of combination of things.

Maybe the session wasn’t closed right right way.

Maybe that spirit crossed over to them from another realm and decided to harass them for its own enjoyment.

Maybe they did say or did something that offended it.


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I’m always thorough and respectful when I do magick or communicate with spirits or whatnot, so I never had that issue of having anything like that happening. The only real information I found on the being was something called “Hat man” and maybe the one off sleep paralysis experience someone had, never another broad daylight, wide awake thing like my sister and friend had.

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The only thing I can add is that if you are not trying to summon a demon, AND you are a child, I highly doubt a demon will be the entity to subject a life of harassment. If it is a demon, perhaps they are just trying to make themselves known, but their presence is one that emanates fear? Spirits that scared the absolute shit out of me in the past turned out to be the ones protecting and watching over me with my best interests at heart.

If not, I just feel with my experience and knowledge at this point, that a demon isn’t going to cling onto a naive child to get back at them during one seance in which they may have done something offensive