Some Problem with Rapheal since my Working with Azazel

Hi Everyone!
I’m not sure if i post this in the Right section

Since i start Working with Azazel on many Things, The Archangel Raphael is more and more reluctant to Work with me,
Tonight one of my Friend Needed Help for some Health Problems, so i Soul Travel to the Heart of the Sephirah Tipharet to ask Rapheal to Help him

When i arrive i feel a very unpleasant Feeling, the Feeling your not supposed to have while Working with Angel, so i ask If the Being i saw Was Really The Archangel Raphael,

He Stand Up, Unfolded his Wing and say to me in a very dominating voice.
I am the Archangel Raphael, Master of the Sphere of the Sun, Tipharet,

I feeled many Angels Gather around me and i feeled very unplesant and Threatened,

The Angel say that they cannot Help my Friend without his consent,
And that my Working with Azazel have somehow make me’’ Unclean’’.

At this Moment i heared Azazel say to me, Let me In, I say ok,
He Enterered into my Astral Body and Create a Kind of Pulsing Circular wave of Energy That Pushed Back all the Angel away from me and i was suddenly back into my Room, infront of my Body, I reentered my Body and Azazel was there, He told me he would Help me Friend,

He vanished.

Right After that the Archangel Rapheal appeared Before me and I told Him i dont want any trouble with Him or any Angel of his Sphere(I can easily Work with any Angels or Archangel of other sphere or Paradigm)
And that i didn’t fear him or any of His Kind since i’m the one at the Top of the Hierarchy.

He agreed and Let me alone.

What do you think about that?

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[quote=“Mephistor, post:1, topic:7952”]The Angel say that they cannot Help my Friend without his consent,
And that my Working with Azazel have somehow make me’’ Unclean’’.[/quote]

No idea on that one - I’ve done stuff that could be classified as incredibly unclean by spiritual standards (I’m not JUST talking about my demonic Child, though that’s certainly on the list) and yet angels have worked with me with no problems.

For now, might be best just to work with different spirits? Maybe someone else will have some better insights.

Yeah, I work with most Angel in KoF pretty Well and they are Very Pleasant to Work with, Metatron also, But Since i’ve Worked with Azazel, Rapheal have more and more problem working with me

I read in the Book of Enoch that He and Azazel had some '‘Conflicts’'
May be its the cause

I work with Raphael pretty closely and I’ve started working with Azazel, too. I just asked Raphael if he had a problem with me working with Azazel and he said no, it is my path.

I’ll pm you with the private message for you.

I’ve noticed that the “Christian” version of Raphael rejects people that work with Azazel, while the “occultist” version of Raphael doesn’t.

Do you have any ties to such a religion? Perhaps born into a Christian family, brainwashed at a young age, etc.?

Edit: Also, I’ve never experienced the occultist version rejecting working on someone until their consent is given. My bet is, you’re talking to the wrong Raphael… if that was actually any version of him at all.

You also have different versions of Satan/Lucifer and everything else in between.

The Problem is Fixed, Thanks to Valkarath for Helping me on this, The Problem was my Intention, It was not really ‘‘Pure’’ I had second thought and the Person doesn’t wanted to be Heal.

I Present my Apologies to Raphael and his Angelic Kind and all is Ok now.

Thanks for all the reply!