Some of the most powerful drugs, can they break a curse?

Can drugs like mdma dmt break curses?,

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Um…no. All a drug does is affect your mind. How would it break a curse?

You can break a curse under a drug’s influence, but only if you are coherent enough to form a strong intention and have a powerful and focused Will, which, let’s be honest, is very hard for most people to do while under the influence without a lot of training.

Traditionally, drugs were used to meet the spirits of the plant they are derived from and to be guided by their wisdom. They were shamanic journeys for the purpose of learning, not for active magick.


They are tools. They don’t do anything for you, even entities. You have to know how to use them in order to benefit one.

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rather induce them.

No. A Drug isn’t a tool to get away of Magick,
it’s, if at all, a tool to get into Magick.
And Magick doesn’t only exist on the caster’s end,
you know…