Some of that good ol' weirdness

Not sure if this is the place, but had a weird experience a few nights ago. Usually listen to lofi hiphop youtube channel or the like when I am winding down for sleep. I was doing such that night and heard a song with a female lead that went back and forth between her singing and then her singing in reverse. It was pretty cool, but for some reason I didn’t think to look at the song title on the screen. Long story short it stuck in my head and I wanted to look it up or other songs by the artist. I spent a few nights listening to the channel and the song has not repeated again. I contacted the person that runs the server and got the full music list they have been playing for a month and went through every song on it. The song I heard doesn’t exist!


That’s pretty cool, maybe in that state as you drift off to sleep, you heard astral music, or your mind created that music as it continued the though of what what you were listening to and added to it in the dreaming state.


That would suck, cause the track was fire and I can’t really remember it fully lol

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