Some of my sigils

This first sigil is an antiHermetic sigil. It’s a form of preformal modification that’s illegal in the future and is of the variety of magick called console magick. Console magick is used to modify the operator(viewer of the sigil). This antiHermetic sigil is resonate with hermetic symbolism but is designed to act kinda like a computer virus. It stops hermetic magick from working and disrupts the embedded force invoked Hermetic concole system they’ve implanted within us all.


This next sigil is also a form of preformal modification but has a simpler function similar to the antiHermetic sigil. This sigil creates a counter stream causes a certain flow to be reversed.


This next sigil is actually more a sign. I call it the Double Paw. It’s the hand sign for the beast form. Not the beast of revelation or anything remotely similar. This has to do with the beast mind and nature which rests dormant within us. This beast mind is the key to awaken ancient soul memory and also to transform the bodies functions causing you to have senses and move as fast as an animal moves with what I call electronic movement. Rather than using typical energy reservoirs and signals to power muscle movement, electronic movement sends a faster more intense signal to the muscle causing the limb to move far fast than you would be able to simply trying to move as fast as you can.


One key to my understanding of magick is that countless spells have already been cast and the cosmic currents continue to flow throughout all time so there’s plenty going on without having to cast new spells. it’s actually easier to simply modify the effects of existing spells. Then you become a true astral hacker.



How do you make the energy of spells stronger?

What kinds of spells?

Dude, at first I was iffy to scroll further than thee interruption sigil because I thought you might be up to somethin sly… but I saw the description of the beast sigil, decided to check it out… holy god, dude, Thank you for interrupting my scheduled programming to show me this beast sigil. It really does encompass some of the core power associated with the lower Dan tien chi reservoir and electric movement.

I was invigorated by this post, good job, you continue to be an inspiration. Thank you.


The antiHermetic sigils use the Hermetic Tree of Life but corrupts the process. I assume that we have all already been modified by the Tree of Life console. This modification has occured over centuries as adepts hide references with media such as artwork. I can’t explain every detail but from now on whenever you look at artwork, just check the top right hand corner. Mine direct towards the bottom left. It’s a wild conspiracy theory I have but I’ve noticed things over time. Some make it more obvious than others. For example, I recall a peice of art but I don’t remember the famous artist who composed it. It showed a group of people. Most of them were facing up towards the right hand corner where some illumination originated from. In the lower left side were two rowdy boys being rangled by a police office. In that case the artwork really didn’t hide anything at all. Simply put, right is good happy things, left is bad things and suffering judgement. I’ve noticed a subtle trend across a wide variety of media from different centuries.


Yes, this trend is very heavily prevalent. Another example would be in cinema.

I majored in digital media in college. During the cinematography portion, you learn of different angles and how it subtly manipulates the audience.

The Dutch Tilt is a good example of this.


Okay, time out…

It corrupts the what now? Not trying to be a dick, but are you sure you do not mean Qabbalistic Tree of Life?

And again, not trying to be a dick, but how exactly does one use magick without also inadvertantly applying at least one of the 7 Hermetic principles?

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I agree with this. From vibrations to law of duality. You use one of them.

Uh this is not easy to explain. Occultists have hidden images and signs in media. Alot of it is less obvious but over time has an accumulative effect. It’s a form of magick called console magick. I did not make that term up. The idea is that over time, the power of their concole magick grows as we subconsciously register the hidden symbols. The symbols give commands to our body, then our body responds. I know this probably sounds ridiculous if you have never noticed it yourself. Just google and read alittle bit about why filmmakers use the dutch angle in shots sometimes.

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Principle of Polarity not duality, though they seem similar they turn out very different in application.
With duality an example would be all is light the darkness must be shunned and destroyed or visa versa.

Where as woth polarity light and darkness are like the two sides of the hand, seemingly different as night and day comparing front to back but part of the same whole when examined together.

Its the same with the maps of kaballah there is seeming duality untill you examine all and you learn the various polarites.


Yes, this is definitely a thing. These symbols and specific color associations worm their way into the collective subconscious and their hold firms with age. It’s almost like an egregore growing stronger with time.

Thomas Sheridan has a great video on this:

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That is the Qabbalistic Tree of Life. It has nothing to do with Hermetic magick. Some systems blend aspects of Qabbalah with the application of Hermetics (HOGD, for example), but they are not the same thing, remotely.

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The image came up when I googled Hermetic tree of life. Calling it the hermetic tree of life is pretty common. Just google it and see what comes up.

This is mostly a result of the effort to blend hermetic principle with the Qabbalah tree of life and death aka the trees of the sephiroth and quillphoth. The golden dawn system is one of the more commonly known ones that does this.

Another practice is the assignment of various energies and gods to the various spheres to better understand their nature.

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Thankyou for the clarification.

I did, and this is one of those times when google should not be trusted. Plug in Qabbalistic/Kabbalistic/Cabbalistic Tree of Life. Hermetics has nothing to do with this.

Hermetics, loosely speaking, are the 7 principles set forth in the Emerald Tablets. Many systems meld it into others, but it is it’s own thing.


Now, while I could see the usefullness of being able to negate or dispel Qabbalistic magick, I would not know how to target magick from that current specifically. Mostly because I am not a traditional Kabbalist and would not even know how to address the issue. So I’m guessing you are either a Kabbalist or a former Kabbalist and have a dislike of them, otherwise I have to wonder why that sigil would only effect Kabbalistic magick.

You could use magick to counter Hermetic magick, but the irony is that you would end up using Hermetic magick in the process of doing so.

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A big difference between Qabbalistic magick and hermetic principle is you can apply hermetic principles to almost any system with fairly easy translation to concepts in other systems.

With Qabbalistic magick not so much even though many have attempted it. Crowleys 777 tables are an example of this, tysons attempt to ascribe the various forces and entites in the lovecraftian current to the tree and local planets is another.


In my mind Hermetics represents one of the pillar limbs of Universalist ideology. I loath Universalists. Not just universalists but the whole mind and iterational forms of universalism. Christianity through organisations like Catholicism and the southern baptist convention are other limbs by which Universalism bears it’s influence.

The idea behind this type of magick which I am referring to is that over time, target media will influence the view on a subconscious level. I call such forms of manipulation preformal modification. I use the term preform because the magick acts upon mechanisms you aren’t aware of yet. So the influence of preformal modification wouldn’t be readily sensed by the target. In fact, preformal modification can modify your mind’s thought path and consideration so you conclude a target conclusion. The way it works is by being exposed to the media frequently.

It sounds like you have blended the ideas behind hermetic principle and Qabbalistic magick which have been blended in certain systems but differ in application.

This sounds like it would be the application of “occult” or hidden principles as the general public doesn’t know about them if they don’t seek them out. Which most here use to one degree or another.

This book may interest you it is on the principles of hermtics. Its out of copyright and linked in a few places on the forum.

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