Some objects I would like scanned

So these objects, some have stories, some were bought by from magickal sites, and one just looks cool.
Now idk If those sites and shops were legit but I wanted to see what you all think. I was young.
So that would be great, thank you.

The object on the top left is the strongest regarding power.

A kind of demonic king lays in that vessel supposivly. Not like goetia king, Probably a different inferno realm of some sort

It’s got power.
What about the amethyst what’s the deal with that one?

It supossivly houses a spirit of a Acheri. A spirit based on revenge and protection.
They were from spirit conjures and I got them back when I had no senses open, I was young and didn’t know what I was doing. Oddly enough it all lead me to E.A., his courses, and this fourm. I do hope there are energies and entities in these vessels but if not at least to lead me to this part of my life.

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Take advantage of the power already within them and program then with your intention, what you want etc.

Thats what I should do. I’ll work with that espically sense I’m working on my psychic abilities often now

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Ugh i recognize the ring with an eye from a occult book, but I don’t remember the name

I forgot where I got it. Thats the one where I never put anything in to it, or got something attached. Just thought it looked cool

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If I find it I’ll let you know

The deplorable word is the book