Some new magicians / witches hexed the moon?

I’ve heard through the grapevine that apparently some very idiotic people, very new to the practice might I add, have decided to try and hex the moon. Apparently a lot of moon deities are hurt and/or angered - but I’ve also heard that Apollo is very, very angry through a friend who works closely with him. I offered Mother Lilith a protection candle last night in case she was at all affected by what’s going on. I was curious, though, what’s everyone’s take on this?

Edit: I just want to note that I’m pretty in the middle on the topic, and I made this thread just to share thoughts about it! I’m not particularly convinced that these people have had any real effect on these deities - I mostly wanted to share what I’ve heard and get everyone’s perspective on the bullshit.


I’d say sit back and relax.
Either nothing is going to happen at all, or the deities will make them feel their anger for being such idiots.

The deities can protect themselves very well and are not in danger.
If you feel better if you do something,light a candle or make whatever offering to show that you appreciate the deity. But honestly, no need to worry.


Um, no. Just no. This is larping fantasy. All of it. It’s clueless people doing clueless things to get reactions from more clueless people.


Oh yeah, absolutely. I know they can take care of themselves. I mostly wanted to show my respect and support in a time where they may be angered or upset. But I appreciate hearing it regardless, as I have been rather worried for Mother Lilith specifically despite knowing very well she can handle herself. Mostly because the energy has been a bit off and she has been trying to communicate with me for the last day.

I’m assuming, although I’m rather confident, that everyone who had something to do with this “hexing of the moon” will get what’s coming to them.

You think so? I can understand that point of view. I try to be rather open minded about other people’s practices, but I can also understand where you’re coming from. I just want to stress that this thread is made just to share opinions - I’m simply sharing what I’ve heard through the grapevine. Not to be taken as fact.

Apollo is very difficult to anger in my limited experience with him but if he is really pissed off at them then they better apologize. Look at what he did to the Greeks during the Trojan War story.

Also I don’t believe that anyone can truely curse deities and other such beings in a drastic way. An experienced Mage maybe but not a newbie.


Its not an easy thing to beat a god (if even possible), not because they are gods but because of their experiences of thousands of years.


Yeah, I agree. I tried to look at it from that point of view as well, since I doubt even an experienced mage would be able to do something like… hexing deities or the moon as a whole. In my opinion I’m sure it failed and they’re just going to get what’s coming to them for trying.

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You know how many noobs claim to have killed Yahweh? Yes, i am sure these children won’t make a dent.

I have seen enough bullshit over the years that I am more skeptical of claims than I used to be.


am I the only one imagining these TikTok retards reading this very thread and feeling all happy and smug about the attention it receives?


Yeah, I can totally understand that. I’ve been practicing for casually for about seven-ish years, so maybe it just hasn’t hit me full speed just yet. I try to be both open and skeptical, but I can totally understand why you’d feel that way about it. There’s a lot of people (especially on social media) that talk about things like this, but also turn around like, “just had Starbucks with my deity! :heart_eyes:” which is… beyond ridiculous. Would you say it’s of a similar caliber in your opinion?

We are next on their death list :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Haha, not at all, I can see that. But I’ve been seeing it spread to lots of social media over the last day which is why I was curious what everyone else was thinking about this ridiculousness.

I don’t want to say “energy vampirism” but…


:no_mouth: Might be onto something.

I can only say that those I deal with are not interested in a mocha latte from me

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I wouldn’t worry about it. Sounds more like a hype for attention more than anything, either to feed the ego or possibly siphoning energy from the fear being given off.


Well you can’t curse the moon. Physically… But you. Can send your negative energies to its territories

Which is inhabited by beings… So they will consider that to be war… Whether strong or not

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Yeah, for sure. I didn’t think too much about the idea of creating fear to siphon energy off of until you guys brought it up - but that definitely makes sense. It would explain why the energy has been a little off around me, too, since my friend (the one who works with Apollo) was pretty nervous about the whole thing just based on what he conveyed to her. I should bring that concept up to ease her mind so she doesn’t feed into it.

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