Some more free readings

I haven’t been doing a whole lot of readings lately so I want to brush up on my skills.
I’m offering 5 free readings to the first 5 people that post a request.

I’m willing to offer to read on anything you wish.
Depending on your question will determined what spread I use.

That being said I may use my own devised Battle Plan spread so I suggest.using the search function and look up the post I made about it so you know the card positions and their meanings.

All I ask is feedback on this thread.

So first come first serve!



Please MK i would be honoured if you could do me a reading please

Id like a reading please!

Id like one, please!

Me,too plzz!!!

Shit, I’m game. I think you are one of the only people who I haven’t gotten a free reading from

All spots are filled!
Please PM me your questions and I’ll start on them tomorrow morning.

So I have,
The1gza (white jezus)
And Angel Caido

How are the readings going dear MK?

Sorry guys some shit came up I had to deal with.
I promise the readings will be done tomorrow.
I’ve already done Diazin’s so only 4 more to go.

Sorry for the delay.

[quote=“Musta_Krackish, post:9, topic:4135”]Sorry guys some shit came up I had to deal with.
I promise the readings will be done tomorrow.
I’ve already done Diazin’s so only 4 more to go.

Sorry for the delay.[/quote]

Quit being a slow ASS!! Lol, I’m just playin’ man, I was expecting it to take the weekend anyway. It’s all good over here!

I didn’t mean to offen thee White Jezus!
Please don’t send me to heaven with all them white folk!

Thanks Musta! You brought relief to my situation.

So MK is definitely skilled with his readings, and shows that he is able to draw cards that are definitely targeted at the person, and not just pulling a pretty good David Blaine gimmick. In terms of my reading question, he was able to identify key issues within that situation and what they meant for me in approaching the situation.

Overall, it was a reading that I appreciated a lot, and definitely has my recommendation and respect!

I gotta agree with you Gza. There is a spiritual working i have been contemplating with going through but didnt have enough information on it, and was nervous of the possible outcome. But MK gave me the reading and it told me a possibility but also what i can attain, the positive definetely outweighs the “possibility”. So im ready for the working. He also gave me personal insight, which i thank you for MK. It is a reading i would have definetly paid for! I certainly recommend him.

Thanks MK!

Thanks guys!
I’ve been contemplating starting a tarot reading buisness.Nothing big.
I was planning on hanging up fliers around town offering phone and in person readings.
There’s one place I know of in town that’s an actual buisness that does tarot readings.

I was thinking of going and getting a reading just to see what I’m up against and to undercut their prices.

And maybe work some majick on the bastards because a man’s gotta live ya know.

Edit:Funny side note.I evoked Asmoday about a month back and right before I did your guy’s readings I was searching through my room for something and stumbled upon the piece of paper I wrote Asmoday’s words down on.
He said “Be ever vigilant.The money will come to you in an unexpected way.It is done.Money is subtle.Money is an energy.Control it like you control the divine within yourself.”

Maybe this is what he was referring to…

Great Idea MK!
Glad you found something what can make your life better financially.

And I agree with others - your reading are really really well done and your desprictions are deep inside, what I and as I see others loves. (I can just say, that I few times bought a reading from readers who claimed to do this for like a 20 years, and the outcome was… not too good).

You should befine with the tarot / reading business if there is a need in your city, you can also open an online shop and selling them online. Take costs down and revenues up :slight_smile:

Best of luck.
Ang go with it :slight_smile:

Hi MK please dont forget about me!!!

Check your PM Angel.

Wow what can i say MK!!! Your reading just blew me away, it was right on and it absolutely is in tune with what i had already known about this situation and what it’ll lead up to. I have only words of gratefulness for the reading and i strongly recommend your readings to my fellow brother in arms who are looking for serious profesional readings. Wish you thye best in your future projects MK.

Thank you Angel!
If you know someone who needs readings that are willing to pay I can give you my number in PM.
Same goes for anyone else who is willing to pay for my readings or knows someone that does.
$15 for a half hour session.$25 for an hour.