Some manipulative little shit

Did a love spell on me, I want to get him back for it. He is crazy arrogant so want something that will effect his ego. Suggestions please and thanks


Ignore him.
This way you show him that his spells don’t affect you.
You could bind him as well so he won’t be able to harm/manipulate you.


There are hex and reversal oils that you can find online, dress a candle with the oils.

You can also find things online like reversal baths, foot wash, etc.

If you don’t want to buy oils, there are articles on how to make them yourself:

I’ve used black mustard seeds ground into powder in the past for reversals. You’d likely need more ingredients than that, though.


  • I say reversal because it would send the magic back to him… but you could also do a protection ritual/spell.
  • I do agree with ignoring it, though. I feel like having the awareness that the feelings aren’t your own should help you fight the feelings or AT LEAST make it not as potentant.

Assuming his spell has failed, the best thing would be to ignore him in my opinion, like the others have suggested.
Arrogant people look for REactions, they seek admiration, so the best thing would be not to react.


Aphrodite helped me negate someone’s attempts on me with the Law Of attraction.

If you want back at him, work with any spirit you’re close to.

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Bit of background, it did work. I spent two months in emotional turmoil with conflicting emotions having weird “loving” emotions towards someone I not only don’t love but actually disliked. Found out he was into the occult and was pretty convinced thats what he did. I tried to end it three times eventually did a binding when I started to suspect. That worked. But I want to get him back for doing it in the first place.

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  1. someone cast love spell on me which add magick experience to me. Now i know how love feels like with magick. :white_check_mark: There goes another one for your bucket list. =o)

You should take it as a compliment that someone feels for you that much. maybe you see love spells as curses. :thinking:


I see it as an envasion of my free will


Are you still close to the target?

Not since I done the binding

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Thats unfortunate, otherwise you could have gathered his hair nails etc build a puppet of him and make him obsessed with you while you are ignoring him. He would have gone nuts what a shame.

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that also could potentially cause some dangerous and destructive behavior.


Not if a binding is in place and you control the degree of obsession. Wording and intent are everything but thank you for the input your message is very important.


One of the best methods I’ve found to rid yourself of a manipulative little shit is to scare them off.

I want you to be as big of a red flag towards him as you can suggest serious knife play with you being the dominant, suggest findom. Force it, actually. Try to really berate him until he accepts it, or runs off.

then you can just smile and wave. That solves one aspect of the issue


Add your own personal spice. I think you can have fun with it in your own way

Serious “knife play” lol yeah that would scare me off very quickly…!

That’s easy…sleep with his best friend.:wink:

If you know he did the spell, trace it throughout your energy body an environment. Gather the energy, add your own, send a care package back or offer the energy to a Deity that is sympathetic.