Some interesting effects of a Love spell

I’ve been working with Pomba Gira in a very complicated relationship I have with my bf over the last 2 years.
The ultimate goal all along has been to get him to commit to just me, Its been a poly relationship, with lots of ups and downs, yet somehow it works out for the most part.
Recently I reinforced the working with some daemonic magic and voudon style energies as well.
Made up the entire ritual/charm with combined elements when I felt things were kind of coming undone.
He described a dream he had about me today and it was kind of unsettling, but a strong indication of the magic being at work.
In the dream, he was at work and had went into a secure gated area to do his testing{he is a hydrologist and does ground water testing for a large company). he had placed several signs about the inner gate with odd almost demonic looking logos on them. I came in and He seen me collecting all the signs and stand there waiting for him to finish his work. He finished up and came to me, then tried to leave the secure area to go get his truck to drive me home, but the gates were locked. He couldn’t find the bolt cutters he always keeps in his toolbox and the chain was very thick and heavy on the gate. He kept trying to find someone who had a pair of snips inside a building in the secured area so so he could get us out of the chained up gate, so that we could get home, and several times expressed his frustration at the chain.

To me its apparent the desire I have for a commitment has been noted magically in his subconscious, and its making him feel chained in without the tools to retain his desire of freedom.
I dont know whether I should push this further or just wait and only add more reinforcement if he starts to get distant from me again.