Some Information on Navajo Spirituality

My best friend is a Navajo and in this video we discuss sorcery, paganism, and his native traditions and how they all tie together. Part two is coming in a few hours.


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Many American tribal traditions stem from spirits of nature that form a natural bond between the tribe and there surroundings in all forms, the hunt, to grow crops, weather, rain and water etc. Each tribe had a shaman and practiced various rituals to enhance there tribe or influence, heal, or help the tribe or members of that tribe.

Ancient native traditions have never been outlawed per se as the video alleges but simply fell out of practice in the United States. The Free Exercise Clause of the First Amendment protects the freedom of religion for individuals and groups from many kinds of government interference with the practice of their religion in the United States.

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@lawclerk In the boarding schools, they weren’t allowed to practice their traditions or even speak their languages. I’m close with a Native American elder of the Pueblo that had to deal with that. That’s the primary reason why they hide it, at least as far as I can gather. It was presented by the government as dirty.
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@FraterMagni I would sue the boarding school as that is discriminatory conduct and in fact illegal. I spent two summers in Monument Valley, Utah as my stepfather’s relations owned the Goulding Trading Post and saw many Navajo tribal ceremonies and spoke with several local Shaman about there practices, although a while back in 1972 and 1973 they were still active, many ceremonies were put on for tourists.

@lawclerk It’s too late sadly. Happened in the fifties and sixties. They lost a whole generation of culture.

@FraterMagni Interesting that does go back decades. I do know at least on the Navajo reservation in Utah at least in the 1970s that many Navajo did conduct some ceremonies which were magnificent to watch with Navajo rituals.

Super interesting video, thank you for that. Asa student of Celtic druidry, which is resented as comparable to Native American shamanism, I don’t think the comparison is unfair, but the facet that the Native American traditions are unbroken and not reconstructed is priceless.

So much has been lost from Celtic culture, as a person with Celtic ancestry you really feel the loss. I sincerely hope that doesn’t happen to the tribes and the information is preserved in it’s entirety somehow, whether of not it gets to the public at large.

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