Some Idea about a Group Working

Hi Everyone,

Everyone is aware how the World is going day After Day, Many Conflicts and Other Things of this Kind are popping out of No where, Even if i am aware that it was always the Case in each era to a Different Extend, i Was Thinking to Start a Group Working to Send Some Light and Blessing To People around the World,

I Believe any Little amount of Positive Energy sended is Useful, so I believe that if Magician like Us unite and Send Energy of Love, Healing and Spiritual Evolution around the World would Help a Lot in those time of Need,

Even if i consider myself More LHP then RHP the Wellbeing of my Fellow Human is something i consider Important.

So, Every idea and Any Ritual or Magickal Work with the Intent to Send Light and Other Blessing to the People of the Earth who are Living Hard Time is Greatly Welcomed

I Believe that if we all Focus toward a Specific Goals, Even if we use Different Technic or Magickal Practice, be it Evocation, Prayer, Ritual Magick etc.

Would be great and Effective!

Best Regards!

In ancient times sacrifice of goats would be practiced for negating the sins of the people and the world.Rain of wealth of blood would be send upon the earth…love,health,wealth energy magic is not always so white :slight_smile:

Your Right, Even the White and Black things is in my opinion Useless, Since All Magick is ‘‘Black in my Opinion’’ But not in the sense of Evil, Wanting to Heal or Bless or Help our Fellow Human Being is Black Magick since you are desiring to Make Change in the Concret Physical World were We live in, I posted this in The White Magick Section since ‘‘Black Magick’’ tend to be more Individualistic then ‘‘White Magick’’

Like i Said any Ways to send Helpful Energy to the People of the Earth is Welcomed!