Some Hindu facts I learnt today

Here are some facts about Hindu Gods which I learnt today:

  1. The reason Lord Ganapathi is prayed to first in major rituals is not only because he is the remover of Obstacles but because he is associated with the Root Chakra.

  2. Lord Krishna cares deeply about those who are lost or misguided in Life and this includes the Mentally ill and drug addicts.

  3. Shree Hanuman Ji is still here on Earth. He is one of the few Immortals according to Hindu Mythology.

  4. Kali Ma is associated with the Crown Chakra.

  5. The Trances Hindus get are Intense. Those who get a Narasimha Trance Claw at the Ground, some who have a Hanuman Trance beat themselves in the Back with a Mace, those with a Muruga Trance get around 108 Piercings and those with a Kali Ma Trance can scream viciously. Though these people will always help you and sucess is guaranteed when they do.

That’s all for now.

Om Shanti!!


Thank you for sharing this, I admit my knowledge about Hinduism is lacking, so I hope that you continue to teach us about obscure Hindu lore.