Some help for materialisation of demons

Hi !
I followed the "becoming a living God " programm of evocation during six monthes, and the least I can say, is that I get more results in this six monthes using EA Koetting’s method that in 6 years using various grimoires.
I deffitnitly consider myself able to get into the theta gamma sync, to open a sigil, and feel a presence getting into my circle. I feel confident with this hability and letting my mind “float” I have mental conversations with those forces. I got some nice results with it in my professional life and with my healh. For that, I really would like to thanks EA and to recommand is programm to those who haven’t started yet.
The only problem I have is full materialisation of the demon.
I can get deep into the sync, and I think that I’m at some point at the crossroad , when my vision start turning away, getting more and more close to the blackout, where only the sigil exist and everything in the room. I can feel the full room as a kind of energy, I don’t feel my body anymore, just like a paralysia. Sometimes I feel clearly the presence of a demon, like if someone would be standing behind me or on my side (never in front of me), sometimes I don’t I just feel how full of energy is the room, but I can let voices flow to my end and have conversations.
But as hard as I puch to get a blackout, I can’t “see” the spirit.
I’ve done the exercices of visualisation in the theta gamma sync, but I can’t really see them.

I would like to get from advices from you . Maybe the secret is instead the “structuring” thing that I dind’t understand fully. Must I wait for the imagination to flow to “let me see something” as I do for the voices, or should I “force” the situation by creating a visualisation of the spirit as it is described in the notebook in a place where I choose to structure it, once his presence his felt into my cercle ?

Thanks for your advices, that will help !

If you watched EA’s evocation videos he teaches how to structure the spirit. But I don’t think he explains it very well. The one method you could try that he mentions is concentrating on the zeal chakra at the base and back of the skull, and sending this energy through your arm toward the spirit while visualizing a body. He doesn’t really explain much more than this.

Another method that might help is in Franz Bardon’s book “Practice of Magical Evocation”. You can find a free pdf file online of the book. In the book he talks about creating the appropriate atmosphere for the being to manifest. You have to accumulate the right color/light energy into the space the being will manifest. For example, if the being is of the Sun sphere, then you impregnate the space with yellow light energy. You need to visualize it so intensely so as to actually see yourself moving in the oscillation of yellow light. Along with this, he talks about impregnating the fuel of the lamp with the wish concentration of having the being manifest. Also covering the lamp with the appropriate colored plastic so the lamp will actually give off the right colored light you need- this helps in visualizing.

I do think that Franz Bardon’s way works, but I don’t think its absolutely necessary the way he makes it sound in his writing. If other simpler methods don’t work, then I think if you try his way you will get some results.

If I understand structuring correctly, you visualize something in your mind, and then project it outside of yourself, into the air in front of you. It is an open eye visualization. There are exercises that you may find helpful, like visualizing basic shapes and then projecting them upon a white surface.

Well I already looked up into the book of Franz Bardon. To be honnest, I work several years with Bardon Magick and it doesn’t gave me much more results that EA’s teachings gave me in few monthes.The reason is maybe that in Bardon’s method, you really have to take in consideration a lot of details, the 5 elements, be sure to have every different powers and alignements and combine everything to get results. That’s a little disturbing, I mean, it take you a lot of time and there is always something you’re not confident or not very good at and that screw up the entire process.
The most difficult for me when I used to practiced his method was to keep focusing on every details at the same time. With "become a living god " method, it’s sounds more about “leting it flow” to me, and I really feel more confortable inside the ritual.

The thing I didn’t understood very well when EA speaks about structuring , is that when I feel the presence of the spirit, I don’t really feel that he is in a specifical part of the room. From than point I don’t know if I have to “create” it in a specifical area, with an effort of structuration , as you said coming from the chakra behind my neck, or letting things do there way and wait for my imagination to show me a spirit as I do for the voices.

Try working with a single entity for a longer period of time and creating an image that you look upon daily, imprinting it in your conscious and subconscious mind (don’t worry about magick etc at that time, just make it a habit to focus on it a few times a day). Then when you do evocation you will not have to think or ponder about shape because the form and image will be embedded into your mind and tied to that specific entity, your results will likely increase.

Thanks for this advice, I will start working in that way this week