Some Gnosis On A Few Daedra Princes

As you probably already know, I work heavily in TES paradigm. I’ve collected some Gnosis on a few of the Prince’s and decided I’ll share all of it. Some of it, you may have already seen, however.

Her direction is West.
She can be invoked/evoked with “Elish-taz Lash-tuz”.
She likes to kill someone in a more secret, silent, or subtle manner. For example, heart attack, in the sleep, etc.
She can teach baneful magick.
She can teach sex magick.
She likes any form of sex.
Her animals are anything arachnid, crabs, and wolfs.
She likes frankincense and nightshade.
She likes as offerings, steak, myrrh, wine, and blood.
When sent to kill someone the AVERAGE waiting time is 2-3 weeks and 1-5 months. It ultimately depends on the power of the magician.
Her numbers: 125, 56, 95, 71

Mephala is she who looms in the hidden darkness. That darkness under the bridge, that darkness in the corner of the room. She looks through the eyes of her agents, the spiders, to learn the secrets of everything. She is one with Mepheranz but they are not the same. Mepheranz is a servant of Sepheranz, Mephala is a servant only to herself.

Names: Sithis, SITHISIT, Akel, Psijiii, Dread-Father

He is nothingness, the void. He destroys, changes, and creates. He is the big fish that swims through absolute nothingness.
He creates souls, souls come from him and go back to him.

He is the Alpha and the Omega

He can be called by vibrating “PSJIII” like an enn. The name is supposed to be unpronounceable, just pronounce it how you think it’s pronounced.

When I evoked him, he appeared has a black humoid figure with no face. He just had arms, legs, and a head. No private parts. Behind him was a black abyss, which he came from and left through.

I wanted to ask him things that he can teach but I had a strong feeling that he wasn’t like that. Instead of teaching, it’s more like his presence will just have some kind of influence. It’s kinda hard to describe. I asked him what he could teach but he did not respond.

Boethiah, Gruhkraten, Battle-Maiden

She can help with war, or conflict of any kind, curses, molding oneself into something new and better, and meditation


Her element is fire

She likes meat, effort, sweat, and blood as offerings.

The secret to CHIM is that there is no secret. She says, “It is no secret, believe in thyself and strive forward.” Before long you’ll reach it.

Hermaeus Mora
Names: Hermaeus Mora, Herma Mora The Woodland Man, Hermorah, Hormaius, Hoemaius, and Gardner of Man.
He is the Ruler of the mind.
To those who seek to learn can be taught by him.
He can teach all forms of Magick and Forbidden Magick, especially Divination.
He can teach you what you want to know, what you need to know, and what you will know.

His cardinal direction is the East.
He likes Wolf’s Bane(Napellus/Monkshood) incense.
He likes berries, specifically raspberries, as offerings.
He can help with physical transformation, ALL things related to hunting, sportsmanship, physical fitness, embracing masculinity, and murder.
His animals are the wolf, the deer, the bear, salmon, and all other animals of the forest.
He can be evoked with “Tash-Lak-Sa Om”.

You can expect a bunch more Gnosis to appear, my goal as of right now with TES deities is enlightening the world even a little bit more about them outside of games and whatnot so it'll take a little while. I know you can definitely expect more on Mephala.

Egregores right?

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Yeah, they’re from The Elder Scrolls(TES)

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I know, I didn’t think they would be egregorized, they were acknowledged by many to be make believe.

If mepheranz is a servant of seoheranz then not an egregore

Don’t ask me man, I don’t focus on any of that in this while tangled mess of things