Some astrological stuff that will help a magician or simply a person to avoid doing some mistakes

Planets and zodiac signs are the blueprint instilled in us. Everything we do in live, we experience them through the lenses of planets and especially zodiacs signs. When you do something which is completely opposed to your energies that is where most of people start suffering. It can be mental, physical or psychic.

Usually we see the life path of a person through the ascendant sign. You ascendant lord sign is your guardian Angel, your higher self. He is the architect of your life. Knowing your ascendant sign is even more important than your sun and moon sign because planet Sun for an Aries ascendant will act way more differently than Sun for a Capricorn ascendant. Sun for Aries ascendant will be more positive on the material level than the sun in Capricorn. SunCapricorn will be proficient in spiritual endeavors.

For this this topic I will only give one ascendant sign as an example and if I got some good feedbacks I shall continue with the rest.

Let’s start by Aquarius ascendant in western astrology:

Usually Aquarius ascendants are born in a family where wealth is kinda restricted. The family is modest.
the individual is forced to get good marks at school, his family encourages him to have scientific thinking . Aquarius asc don’t usually receive much benefits/support from their family early in life. They have to do everything by their own amd the relationship with their siblings might not be that great. Usually the person thinks he is doing a lot for his family but doesn’t receive something similar in return.

They work very hard throughout their life to get that authoritative position and they usually get it! They end being a manager, senior manager, CEO or a higher government official.

  1. The mistake that an Aquarius Asc must not do is not never show their true identity, ego. Don’t show off your prestige, your wealth, or tryna be popular, being sunny.

if you start doing that you will see enemies coming out for you out of nowhere and they will be powerful and wicked and sometimes using magic or hidden meanings to hurt you. Never spend your money as if you were born with a silver spoon in your mouth, this might make you loose a lot of money and your career might start fluctuating.

One thing to add too is Your sign gives you a not so good relationship with your in laws, they are always dominating or tryna dominate you

Because your Sun is not in a good relationship with your ascendant. Sun here works better for spiritual purposes. It wants you to have a EGO, prestige in occult matters not in material world!

Aquarius Asc can also be a spy

Saturn hates people who are not humble ! And he is your ascendant lord

With Aquarius Asc don’t ever do that mistake! Because in the long term it can detrimental for you

  1. don’t show to people your emotions. Aquarius Asc must be seen as cold, rational and always cool. That’s why they make good managers. Usually you will be in a relationship with a partner that is very emotional and moody. Let him/her be emotional but not you. It will make you lose credit to people who knows you.

Imagine seeing someone like vlamidir Putin or Biden crying because they watched of a romantic movie. Do you think this will help them anyhow?


Very nice. Learning a lot. I tried a lot to learn astrology in a very accurate manner. I did south indian basic since 2009 I also still read Bhirat Prashara Hora. I have studied all allone, the more the time passed the more my health got worser and memory got weaker and weaker. Never had anyone to discuss with, or had friend who i could share opinions with.I have 2 daughters with aquarius lagna. One with lagna lord in chandra and one with lagna lord in libra, so its uccha. But What you write about aquarius very true. Aquarius people are also philopher people, and like to spread their philophy to. And also they are the happiest people allways. Because they get detached very quickly. This is the beauty part of what a human can have to letting go things very quickly. Also they are prone to addiction like addiction in helping others, or addcition of doing something in these same way again and again…or repeating a story again and again. I see that with my daughers :slightly_smiling_face:

I hope youw will write about ohter lagnas to. Very intresting to read. Its like i am addcited to your knowledge now. And want to know everything what you know…and learn also.