i dealt with a heartbreak months ago, i became a better version of myself or did i, it lasted a short amount of time, now since i’m alone i kinda feel empty with no goals everyday feels the same. I found new habits but now i’m not satisfied with anything, with or without love i’m still the same unhappy most of the time
at this point i don’t even know if i’m depressed or my life isn’t the way i want it to be like.

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I’m sorry you’re feeling down. With the goals, having been through a huge transition that caused an identity crisis that sounds somewhat like this, it’s hard to be into them when you’re busy shifting through such a change. This sort of thing in the occult is often called a rebirth, as and older part of you has died and a new you is emerging like a phoenix.

So I would say there’s nothing wrong here, maybe just give yourself the ok to work through it and let it all come and go as it will, then you’ll be back to yourself easily and naturally. You can help with walking or moving qigong meditations, yoga, things that help your energy flow to clear blocks.