Solution to this puzzle!

whats the solution for this puzzle?
whenever i want to make a ritual there is a voice taht ask me this question
why do you think? again and again
me: who are you?
he: why do you want to know who i am? why you want to know who i am? again and again

wtf jjjaaallllpppp!

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At least he’s answering… :woman_shrugging:


What deity are you trying to summon?


Is there another name that corresponds with a known demon? Lets say like one of the 72 demons listed in the Lower Key of Solomon that would correspond with your invocation?

It could be that “it” is interfering with your intentions as it is malevolent and wishes to confuse you. Depending on your invocation and what you are trying to summon. Try calling on a known entity that involves or is associated with what you are trying to create or summon.

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