Solution For Magical "Forgetfulness": Remembering Knowledge and Skills you use to have

Ajna/Third Eye Chakra Regeneration: For When You Start Forgetting Magical Knowledge

Sit in meditation and Bring your fingers (Index & Middle) together and place them in the center of your forehead and press gently but firmly on your Ajna.

Begin to breathe in and out, sending energy into your Ajna and focusing on it regenerating.

See the Richness, Depth, and Intensity of the Third Eye and its color (Indigo/Deep Purple) start to return.
Feel and See the Two Lotus Petals regenerating and healing where they have been damaged.

Focus your will to intensify this and see your Ajna re Open completely, bringing your Entire Magical Skillset back to you.

End the Meditation


Your in my mind brother! :relieved: Thank you.


You mean I’m idiot that I’m meditating most of the day? :unamused: I shall test this!