Solomon's circle.. does it have god names?

hi there,

I have the solomon’s circle without the triangle on it. here is a picture of the part i have: (click the link below to see it)

So i am thinking to do an evocation of Lucifer, and invocation of king belial tonight. Do you think using the circle will upset them. I have never used it before… or cast’ed a circle before. any insights on how? and if that will upset them if it did have god names on it? also does it have godnames on it?

Also, i was thinking if having a circle will help me generate more energy into a successful evocation?

thank you

I am asking because i am planning to do a pact with king belial tonight. I already written the pact on parchment and with dragon’s blood ink. All whats left is invoke him and sign it, right?

I have never done a pact before so any ideas would be nice.

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Yes, that circle has god names on it, as well as the names of the archangels, Intelligences, spheres, and angels.

The four hexagrams in the centre represent Agrippa’s four Lords of the Directions, Paimon, Oriens, Egyn, and Amaymon.

The circle is an elegant, pictorial representation of the neoplatonic cosmology, and, when the magician stands within it, he is taking his place as God in the process of material manifestation, with the entirety of the Chthonic realm around him.

No, it will not offend. I use circles, though not this particular one, and I have yet to find a spirit offended by it.


so i should feel safe about using it, awesome. thank you darkes

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Well… I wouldn’t use The circle with Godnames, its like calling a Being into a cage imo


oh i see… no thats not what i want to do… i am just trying to increase the power and energy through using a circle. but since it will do that i don’t think i will use it

It’s not, actually, if you understand what it represents, and the meaning behind it.

Besides, the circle is for the magician, not the spirits.


i think yes you are right… otherwise why the other part of solomon’s circle has a triangle for the spirit!

so yeah u are right. Also, should i just step in it and light the four black candles in its position and go on with my ritual as normal or is there a ritual to activate the circle?

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I mean… Ok

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The circle in that system exists to contain the energy of spirit so that it doesn’t get out of control i think, but i dont think it’s a good idea, but you do you


hmmm you are making really anxious about using it. the whole reason i thought of finally using it since the day i bought it is because i don’t want impostors or other fucking beings interfering with my ritual since its my first time doing a pact.

It’s just an opinion, don’t let it bother you too much, as for Impostors, just ask for the beings name after summoning, if it’s him, he will tell you his name, impostors cannot say the name of being they are impersonating

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@Fallen_Human If you want to understand the true purpose and use of the circle, without all the pro-demon religous “it’s offensive” nonsense, I highly recommend you pick up a copy of Rufus Opus’ A Modern Goetic Grimoire, which you can find on the internet. He has researched, and actually practiced, this tradition, and has a far better understanding of it than anyone on this forum.


thats the thing my communication skills are not really strong. sometimes thought (answers come to my mind) or through syncos. one of the things in the pact to help enhance my arcane senses. so yeah… and i use my quarters to communicate yes and no answers:

the way i do it is: 4 quarters i ask the question and throw them.

2: heads and 2: tails = up to me
3: heads and 1 tail= yes
3: tails and 1 head= no

so yeah :l

thank you… i will do that. but since my ritual is tonight i don’t think i will have time and i am not sure if i should use the circle.

If you’re not sure about using the Solomon circle, then just use a more basic one. Perform the Middle Pillar, followed by the Lesser Banishing Ritual of the Pentagram, and that will be fine.


Just use the circle if it makes you feel better, i never did, but DK says its fine, then use, the IMPORTANT part is you don’t act disrespectful

whats the middle pillar is there a thread on it on balg? if there this would u mind send that to me?

thank you sir

nah u terrified me from using it… but i will make sure to ask belial if i could use it for next time.

Oops sorry man :neutral_face: this is just 1 opinion of mine though

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