Solomon key symbol set of pentacles?

Hello Iv been searching online all over for a set of the solomon key symbols what I would like to make use for in different areas in my life. I cant seem to find anywhere where they are all sold together as a set. They seem to sell them all separate and its far to expensive to buy each one in 1 go. Does anyone know wheres the best place online to buy the whole set together?

Are they engraved or something, in a way that you can’t replicate yourself?

The Pentacles of Solomon by S. Aldarnay

you should just bust out the complete works of McGregor Mathers and make them yourself. Go to home depot buy some tiles and rent a tile saw and grinder and watch a few videos on how to operate it. then get out the dremel tool and carve the symbols into the tiles. Or do you want those specific books because of the convenient annotation? and McGregor’s won’t do?

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