#Sologamy- Magickal Self-Marriage and Devotion

#Sologamy- Self Devotion and Self-Marriage.

Yes, this is true! More and more people are now marrying themselves and crafting their own rituals! You can prepare everything just as you would deem fit. Have a cake and formal attire! Invite as many people as you would like and announce it to the whole world or you can choose to not tell a living soul. :smile:
Prepare decorations make it big, show how deeply you care for yourself. Craft a ritual to fall deeply in love with yourself even your imperfections! Anoint candles, bring the champagne. Heck even change your last name. This celebration is yours baby!

Create a red carpet. Resemble an altar. Consecrate your own holy book where the ritual is written. Hang up your wedding picture even afterwards in your bedroom somewhere.

Envision the person YOU want to be. :smile:Evaluate your needs. Become the person you needed others to be for you for YOURSELF.
Consider what you wish to change, embody within!

Whatever you do there are no rules. You can think about what yours would be and where would it be. Would you work with any spirits and invite them or do it alone? What would your vows be to yourself?

Bring on the magick baby! Time to pick yourself up if you need change and have been feeling lack in your life!!!


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Oh, well since you @'d me, I’m completely against this kind of stuff personally, but everyone has to figure their own stuff out. :+1:

If you need to maximise your own power, this may be useful:


Hmmm I wonder, why are you against this?
Also I suppose it is how you interpret this and what sologamy means to you. I suppose this doesnt mean you have to vow to yourself that you arent going to be with anyone ever but it can mean this. Technically you wouldnt do a divorce with yourself afterwards because I suppose things dont work this way. :joy:

Yes you can still have a Spirit lover if this aligns more with your values. This is whatever this means to you I suppose. @LadyEva

I kinda agree. I like myself but I couldn’t marry myself!


Hahaha I understand :joy:

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Also a Spirit lover yes they Matter as much as physical human to human relationships.

I suppose they cannot do the dishes for you maybe to some this would also count as sologamy depending on how you preceive your relationship with your Spirit lover. :black_heart::joy:


Hello @Moonlight154,

I think the same. But what you’re doing is basically working on self love. So why call it Self-Marriage instead of Self-dedication/Self-love.

The rest are your personal goals you want to achieve. So the idea on itself I not that bad. But I think the marriage thing is to heavy.


Hahah I suppose I don’t know I just thought the idea sounded interesting. Yes I agree it would be a self love ritual but I thought the self marriage idea sounded fun and cool. Also I believe for some who have been through breakups and hardships it would be similar to an initiation where it makes you feel empowered. Like asserting that I am moving on now, and this is me marking the end of a chapter and beginning something new. I’m not saying you cannot do things without ceremony however I believe such things can help many especially as what works for one may not work for another. Through the making of a celebration it may feel more symbolic and official rather than just lighting a few candles and wearing normal clothes or your ritual clothes or whatever you wear.:woman_shrugging:

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Hey! Surprised you tagged me since I’m so new!

I feel like a self-marriage ritual for uniting pieces of yourself for integration or power really is just a personal power ritual. If choosing to add romance to it just for yourself is the method that works best then go for it!!
I’ve designed my own integration rituals over the years for myself…knowing your own style is what helps give the work power I think.

I love that!! Makes good sense to make a ritual for transitions, or for maybe a new imprint regarding love in your mind.

Idk! I would love to have a spiritual partner, and I think I would reserve spiritual marriages for a partner instead of with myself. But design your rituals for your healing & ascension and enjoy! :sparkles:

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Hey yeah I’ve read some of your content on here and I thought was interesting. You kind of caught my eye. :joy::joy:

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Okay, serious answer, hope you forgive the wordiness! :smiley_cat:

I’m against it because humans in this artificial age are already becoming mentally ill from being isolated, which is emphasised in the recent lockdowns, but primarily from the increasing number of single people, who for one reason and another never marry or have kids, and wash up on the shores of their early sixties with not one living soul: apart from a few old work friends they never see any more.

Throw in something like this current lockdown and it becomes intolerable, now all the family-surrogates, like pubs, gyms, nail bars, whatever, are out of reach. But that only shows the reality that was there before: that solitary confinement is a punishment in prisons for a reason.

The illusion of the “cool urban family” of friends and colleagues, à la Bridget Jones or Sex & The City, seldom holds up much past 55, due to moves out of the area, other people’s commitments to their own families and kids, etc.

I know a great many people who are in that stage of life, or close to it, both male and female, gay and straight, and NONE of them feel like they’re living the dream any more.

So, this self-marriage fad is part of a movement into an even worse version of that atomised society, now that relationships have become politicised to a degree that trust is completely falling apart. I won’t expand upon that, because it will go way too far into “identity politics” territory to be forum-legal, but it’s affecting everyone in some form.

Self-marriage is yet another modern fad that gets in the way of healthy relating to people outside oneself, it hardly seems likely to lead to long-term happiness, or the creation of healthy families of any kind, let alone raising stable and responsible children.

Why should that matter? Because we may be spirits having a physical experience, but we ARE having that experience, we’re not spectators, and it behoves us to think of other spirits-made-flesh in the future, and try to create the best world possible, for them. We inherit rights and evolution from our ancestors, and we owe our descendents the responsibility of handing those on. :thinking:

Right now the people having large strong families, which also models how to do that for the next generation, are THE most doggedly religious people out there, and it is to them that the future of this planet will belong, in 60 years’ time.

Being single is great when you’re young and pretty, and making social media posts about it, not so cool after about 55, 60, or 70, when there’s no-one there, and by that point, probably never will be.

One could do that with a ritual bath, though? :+1:

If someone’s had their heart broken, but does want to be loved, they need to leave room for that love to come in, not totally close down.

There is a principle in Law of Attraction to start making sure to sleep on just one side of the bed, and start making room for new love, just like you make room for anything else you’re trying to attract. :smiley:


I don’t love my self that much lol

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Hmmm yes. I understand all of the points you have given they are all valid. However I believe that there is a difference between solitude and loneliness and quite frankly a lot of people feel lonely being surrounded by people and in their own families. This is something to address individually. Solitude doesn’t have to feel lonely you can enjoy your own company but still maintain connections with others. I think it depends on the quality of the relationships you have and how much you stay in touch with people. But yes it is true in a busy world today it can be easy for lifelong friends to drift away from each other. However it doesn’t have to be perhaps impossible. I am someone who believes in phonecalls and meeting face to face over texting although I don’t mind to text. I guess it also depends on you as a person what your needs are. Some people are more introverted and some are more extroverted. Some cannot stand being alone for a second because they feel uneasy or uncomfortable!

I would love to talk sometime!
I’m slowly putting together notes for some post updates or new posts.

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I agree; but that’s also kind of my point - solitude is chosen, loneliness is not. A lot of people in 2020 are passing tipping points for loneliness, whether it’s through age, or losing workplace cameraderie for lonesome gig economy jobs, or divorcing, or renouncing relationships from some kind of mental construct of ideology, etc. :thinking:

It’s loneliness, the kind that can’t be fixed with an occasional phone call to some old mate, that’s becoming a minor health epidemic among the over 60’s right now, and also affecting younger people, and I don’t think it’s recognised as such for a long time by younger people, because we assume that the ready ability to make friends and find lovers that exists at 18 or 22 will always be there, but it won’t.

Despite being married etc., I like, and thrive upon, a lot of solitude, including without any internet, but that’s my choice, and I’m thankful I can make it, instead of having it forced upon me.

I’ve also gone out of my way to make friends whenever I can, and to get to know all our neighbours, something that again is less common these days. :smiley:

While I agree it needs to be addressed individually, and people like different amounts of contact, I don’t think it’s desirable to increase the existingly high levels of social isolation many people are slipping into, that will slowly become harder and harder to fix.

Social media hasn’t helped, with the echo chamber divisive effects that leave people shedding old friends, and even family, for the temporarily tight-knit group of like-minded people, who make them feel like they have it all worked out. There are so many forces right now working to split people apart.

But push the world away at all, and it will start doing the same, and past a certain point it’s hard for people to start reaching out again, and that’s a very worrying thing. :thinking:


Since you asked.
I agree with @Lady_Eva. On this.

I will say this.
Love us important.
Self love means that you are capable of receiving and giving love to other, even a significant other. Or many, if you are polygamous.


I definetely agree with you. We in the world face many challenges today.

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Not sure why I was “@.” This is not my kind of thing, but I agree with Eva. I think it is an unhealthy exercise in narcissism and personality disorders.

Humans are social creatures and have been since the dawn of time.


Well said! I think this is getting forgotten more and more :clap:

Correct, I’m more of a solitary person myself. I love being with people during the day, but when I come home to relax, I need to be alone.
But I’m still under 30, maybe I will have the desire to be with someone when I’m older. Things change.