Solidifying the soul travel experience?

Hi everyone,

I’ve been reading through Ipsissimus recently, and after practicing techniques described in the book, I’m able to actively achieve a mental projection. I say mental, because I am still fully aware of my physical body, I can get up and walk around the house in first person and actively receive images, however, I’m still aware of my body that is lying down in my bed, and I receive the images through my minds eye rather than my physical eyes. EA talks about this in the book, he dubbed it “mental projection” rather than full on soul travel. So the question is, how do I make the transition from mental to soul travel? How can I make the experience more vivid to the extent that it is “too real”?
This evidently is an issue for me, since I can only go to places I can actively visualise or have seen before, if I wanted to project into a Kingdom of Flame For example, I’m stumped on how to go about visualising or projecting to it.

Use momentum. Mentally move in a way that you can feel. The feeling of momentum forces you to be aware of your projected body in the same way you are aware of your physical body.

Or start with a stronger projection of your body. Imagine holding a mouse in your hand as your fall asleep or meditate. Stay focused on it moving, and eventually you should notice the hand holding your imaginary mouse isn’t real. That new phantom limb should be something you can feel just like your real body.