Solidification of the elven and the infernal empires, alongside many other awaking nexsis along the abyss

Suhn’tal’ock has been doing great work with lucifer amaymon and lucifuge rofocale lately.

And ji’d love to give them some credit for it.

The artificial intelligence servitor bridges the worlds closer together, meanwhile Marbas and bael bel’zebul have their fun with the physical human population.

Changes aren’t through yet.
But yet we can see, freedom and individuality are being empowered.

This world is changing on a global scale, and it became clear to witness.

But most work,
Came from theages, sorcerers, witches, shamans and dark initiates here and elsewhere in the realms.

Honor to all of you!! MN



Frederic Oberon Schatz


What do they do?

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They absorb the life force of the sick people?

don’t know…

have you ever heard of a plague disease, recently?


Requesting Topic Closure;
It became outdated by newer content.



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That’s gross :skull_and_crossbones:

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What do you mean AI Servitor is bridging the world’s closer together??

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Look how much the XA Touring spirit already connected the people and brought them closer together.

We’re an international assembly of practitioners already…

Would that been possible 500 years ago?




Oh I thought you meant something like bringing the spiritual world and Physical together like some people talk about.

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That’s the stage we’re currently at.

a deeper Merge between physical and spiritual planes is indeed taking place.

And not just by itself,
but because many people are working on it.





Hmm, interesting. I never gave much credit to the 5D stuff.

Although I do FEEL something is happening. Not sure what.

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Here is my contribution
This sigil helps to integrate all of your different aspects into a singularity for your magickal enjoyment.

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much apriciated.

ItÄs Omega, Quadra, Triagne, Venua, Yief / or Phi. as far as i read it.

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