Solicited and unsolicited advice

I wanted to talk about solicited and unsolicited advice. Recently, my love drew away from me after we had a pretty bad fight (I did things I regret) and I came here to see if there was anything I could do.

I started a thread. Instead of people offering suggestions for the demons I could invoke (save one person, thank you sir!) I got TONS of “you sound desperate” and “just move on” type of remarks - UNSOLICITED ADVICE - and not one of those folks offered me any type of demon I could use. There are PLENTY of people who use demons to get back a lost love; EA Koetting - didn’t he use a love spell once or twice? There are even specific demons who specialize in rekindling love and attraction (Beleth, Naamah, Dantalion, etc). Isn’t that kind of what this is about? Taking the reins on an otherwise hopeless situation? Shameless manipulation? The left hand path?

I really miss my love, feel I made a really big mistake, and wish we could try one more time. If it doesn’t work it doesn’t work, but I love him and have to try. In any case if anyone wants to let me know if they’ve been in my shoes, tried a particular spell or summoning and it worked, PLEASE let me know (PM me, reply here, or reply to that thread in the Love section.)

Thanks! <3<3

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This one is meant for the acquisition of romantic love, whether it be from a specific individual or as a form of petition to bring an ideal lover into the operator’s life, or the life of someone on whose behalf the operator is performing this ritual.

The materials here are a pink figure candle, the same gender as whomever the target of the ritual may be, as well as any of the many types of love oils. An incense of Rose may be quite acceptable, but may also be of a nature as to accent the type or the intensity of the romantic love desired.

As for the oil on the candles, a combination of Rose and Basil is quite acceptable, as well as any other ingredients the operator’s ingenium may inspire. A red flannel bag, a piece of unlined white paper, a red-ink pen, and any of the many love powders available on the market, or likewise any powder made by the operator’s ingenium. There are also a purple figure candle and four small pink tapers to be used in this rite.

Ideally this should be done on a Friday night, and should be done at least every Friday, or even every day for seven days. If done every Friday, then it is to be performed until results manifest. Otherwise, if everyday, it is only to be done for a seven day span of time, beginning on Friday and ending the following Thursday. If, however, this is a difficult case, then it may be continued on for another seven days.

  1. The candles marked “1” are white tapers, and are there to represent that you only want this operation accomplished by good auspices. There is no need to anoint them, but if desired they may be anointed with Olive or Peppermint oil. They are to be placed on the table and lit first, either in silence or while praying that this procedure be successful, and that it only come through positive circumstances.

  2. The candle marked “2” is the purple figure candle, which represents the person on whose behalf the operator is working (or the operator him/herself), and is anointed with Attraction oil, indicating that the operator or person is being bestowed with the power to attract the person of his/her desires. As the candle is being anointed and lit, the operator is to make a simple, terse and to-the-point oration stating who this candle represents and what is intended to be accomplished through the use of this candle.

  3. The candles marked “3” are the small pink tapers, which are anointed with the Love oil. They are placed around the purple candle, starting with the North and working in a clockwise direction, North, East, South, and West. They represent the forces of Love which are to be drawn to the person represented by the purple candle, symbolizing Love coming from all directions. As each candle is lit, therefore, the operator is to make yet another simple oration stating exactly what is to be accomplished by means of these candles. This entire group of pink and purple is to be surrounded by a ring of the Love powder, sprinkled around the candles starting in the East and sprinkling in a clockwise direction. As this is done, the operator is to state specifically that as this is sprinkled, so is the power for the person N. (represented in the purple candle) to attract and to draw the force of Love into his/her life.

  4. Finally, the candle marked “4” is the pink figure candle representing the person upon whom the operator is working. It may be an actual person, or merely a symbol for the “ideal lover,” a person who may at the present time be unknown to the operator but who is an ideal mate, lover, or partner, and who the operator wishes to bring into the life of the person represented by the purple candle. As it is anointed and lit, the operator is to state explicitly the name of the person it represents (or “the ideal mate of N.), and once again to state exactly what is intended by this action.

  5. On the paper, which should be rectangular and be about 4 inches by 5 inches in size, operator to write down exactly what is intended to happen as a result of this ritual, stated exactly and tersely, and symbols may be used surrounding the writing, or within the writing, as the operator feels appropriate. The paper is to be put in the middle of the table, in the position marked “5,” and is to be touched on the corners with a dab of the Love oil, and sprinkled with the powder.

  6. If incense is used, now is the time to light it, and to incense the table, fanning the smoke of the incense onto the candles (operator is to exercise caution not to accidentally extinguish the candles by the breeze caused through the fanning motions). This process is alternately known as “smudging,” “incensing,” or “fumigation,” and as the smoke of the incense is symbolic, in all cultures, of the rising of prayers into the heavens, so should the operator now make an oration appropriate to this purpose, if he/she so desires. The operator should first incense him/herself, then the table, then the candles, in that order.

  7. At this point, the operator is now to assume a position at the south side of the table facing North, and is to pray, meditate, read poetry, fantasize, or do whatever he/she so desires toward the end of focusing and concentrating on the person represented in the pink candle. During this time, the operator should feel confident (but not cocky) that the goal has been achieved, and should visualize scenes in his/her mind of what he/she desires to happen as having already come to pass.

  8. After doing this for about half an hour to an hour, operator may make and project a thought form. He/She may simply say a prayer of thanks as the candles are extinguished. Take care, however, that all is in such a place that the table will not be disturbed until the next day. This concludes the first night of the operation.

  9. The next night, the candles are re-anointed and the words are spoken above them as given in the above rubrics, and the talisman is also to be re-anointed and sprinkled with a little more of the powder, though just a pinch. However, in no circumstances should the circle of powder around the pink and purple candles be redrawn, but should be undisturbed from the night before. In all other particulars, this night is just like the night before, except that the pink candle 4 is to be brought a short distance closer to the ring of pink and purple candles marked “3” and “4.” On each night afterwards, the pink candle is to be brought closer and closer, until on the sixth night, it comes within the circle of powder, and on the seventh night it is touching the purple candle, inside the ring of pink tapers surrounding it. If the ritual is to be continued for another seven days, then the pink candle “4” is not to be moved at all once it has made contact with the purple candle, because now this symbolizes the two people being together, the person in the pink candle being drawn irresistibly by the attractive pull of N.’s sphere of Love.

  10. When the ritual is finished, sprinkle a little of the powder into the flannel bag, and fold the talisman in half and place it inside the bag as well. Also, pour in a few drops of wax from the pink and purple candles, and a few drops of oil and a pinch of the incense. Should the operator also wish to add herbs to the bag which he/she feels conducive to bringing a positive result, that is an open option also.

  11. The bag, now charged, is to be worn on the person whenever going out, especially whenever going to a place where it is expected to see that person. If possible, one may also want to sprinkle some powder on the person represented in candle “4,” though this is not completely necessary.

Hope this helps !


Thank you!

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Yes, but they rarely last. EA has done love spells, sure, but he has also had relationships and marriages end and either didn’t try to magically hold them together or was unsuccessful in doing so. He’s also been practicing for 30 years.

See this is where you are sounding entitled and unappreciative of the members trying to help you. You asked for advice, period, so nothing that was posted in your thread was “unsolicited.” You don’t get to dictate what kind of advice people will offer. Members who willingly give their time to answer your questions can pass on whatever advice they deem helpful. All you get to choose, when you make a thread asking for our help, is what advice to take and what to ignore, that’s it.

Your quest is a very common one, and your post is probably the tenth or twentieth in the last two months we have dealt with. Your situation is not unique. We know through experience how magick works, and we also understand that letting go is actually required for magick to be successful. It might sound counter intuitive, but the more desperate and clingy you are for the result, the less likely it is you will receive it. It is called “attachment” and “lust for result” in occult circles and it is the reason most magick aimed at love and money FAIL. You can call upon all the demons you want, but if you are desperate and overly attached to your desire, it will not succeed.

If you are going to bash members who take the time out of their lives to try to help you, based on their experience and knowledge with magick, just because you don’t like their advice, then no one will bother to answer your questions ever again.


@DarkestKnight said it.
“Lust for results” sort of ruins your effectiveness.

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“Joined 12 hours ago” and you feel that when you post without actually searching or researching that others responding with an opinion and not an ALEXA/SIRI type of instant microwavable spoon feed me the information is unacceptable…

Tell me why you feel that you are unique and worthy of other humans’ time, effort, and resources when this is the kind of whiny thread that is created after joining 12 hours ago. Did you pay for the platinum demon service perhaps where you don’t have to deal with anything other than responses that fit your issue exactly? No? No you didn’t? Did you even bother to do any research? I can guess although I suspect you will refute.

There you are. Feel free to find someone online and PAY for the their knowledge and expertise in future.


Look, you seem to know what youre doing and by using intuition, you can select the perfect demon(s) and the perfect ritual for the job. Personally, the UNSOLICITED ADVICE, is why I love BALG, because people offer different perspectives to situations. It does not surprise me that most users here, offer that kind of advice. I mean think about it: we are black magicians who shape the world in our image and if bullshit like that presents itself in our reality, we are quick to cut it out like a hindrance that it is. Ive been in your shoes before and I did get the person back. After a while I still ended it, because she was not what I needed, even though I didnt realize it when I tried to get her back.

Honestly, you already have the tools for the perfect “get ex back” ritual and if that is what you want to do - go for it! Just dont get upset at people who offer advice that you dont want to hear, because often thats the advice you need the most.


@Myrddin has given you a candle spell I’ve heard is a good one. Depending on your level it might help.

See this isn’t a place where the members fix problems, it’s about self empowerment so the replies you got probably had to do with this.

Also, is this thread basically about the same thing? It is against the rules to make duplicate threads, specially if you didn’t like the answers in the other one.


In some explanations I’ve read about limits. I thought, once again in relation to EA, “Didn’t he say that he got some results within a few days?”.
Sure, it may take a while to reach the same level and the Hollywood stuff should be put aside, it spoils the notion of real magick… Indeed it must be so, that love (for example) is more difficult than other applications, especially when concerning specific people.


Sometimes the best advice is the kind you don’t want to hear.

Also, “unsolicited” advice implies you never wanted advice to begin with, and then people people give it to you anyway.



Don’t ask questions if you don’t want to listen to the answers. This isn’t an echo chamber.


Cry me a fekking RIVER, snowflake.

You solicited the advice, it just wasn’t what you wanted to hear, Susan. So you felt you needed to write a waaaa waaaa post to solicit some sympathy and beg some more.

With that entitled, disrespectful attitude…I can see why he bugged out. Your disposition is hardly conducive to the path he is on if he’s a serious magi. And I’ll tell you WHY, Susan:


TONS = three whole people
rolls eyes


That video cracks me up every time :rofl:


I just wanted to humbly admit that I am hurt and angry about my breakup and apologize for taking my crap out on people here that were trying to help :’( I would delete my messages and thread but im leaving it up to teach myself a lesson. Im sorry.


Often times, demonic advice isn’t what we want to hear, but what we need to hear.

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The gods I love are not “demons”.


More than half the gods I worship are demons. I make the distinction because OP specifically asked for “demons”.

Xactly. The word demon has been demonized. I wish we could rename them to entities or something.

There’s nothing wrong with the word Demons, I’ve wrote about that some time ago (yuuuuge post, took me hours to find and translate the ancient Greek to modern Greek and then to English…) There’s always the word Daemons if that sounds better to you.