Solar water

Soroth showed me this thing called solor water. It is water infused with the energy’s of the 7 immortal phenexuxs, ra Soroth and Ahriman.

What I did was start by walking in a circle reapeting the summoning of all magikal powerS. Then sit in the north.

Bath filled with fucking hot water. And start summoning the 9 phenxes summoning. They infused the water with there power.

Summoned ra same thing

Then Soroth did his part and said come in the water. So I sat in the water. He took me out of my body to the sun. He said draw the power of the sun into your solor plexus 7 times.

So I did

He took me back thrust me into my body. And the solor power filled my body.

Next he said do a full kunda yoga in the water with Ahriman. I did. At the middle Ahriman brought black suns power into me mixing it with the solor energy.

And that was that

While vibrated sol and sowilo most of the time.