Solar Storm Tomorrow

Hey everyone!

Just wanted to give you all a heads up to let you know that tomorrow there is going to be a solar storm in case any of you had any workings that might need an extra energy boost!!

Make the most of it :wink:


Let’s discuss what kind of workings will be the best for this time.I am looking at one baneful working and one money working.

Any ideas folks? Maybe @GaiasGirl can help us all :smile:

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Sure, some examples might include workings involving:

  • Healing/Vitality/Revitalization
  • Confidence
  • Powering Up Ambitions
  • Prosperity/Wealth
  • Abundance/Growth
  • Raising/Storing Energy
  • Charging (tools, gems, herbs, etc)
  • Illumination (Revealing Secrets)
  • Leadership
  • Joy/Happiness

Or you can take some time out to connect with any Solar Deities you might be working with such as Ra/Aten/Apollo/Helios/Amaterasu/(possibly)Lucifer (if connecting to the ‘Light-Bearer’), etc…

Alternatively one could also use the extra energy to destroy enemies/adversaries/challenges or anything else in one’s life that needs to be obliterated to shit… :blush:


Coooooool x I’m drooling at the possibilities now x

Any idea what time the storm starts ?

Here ya go!

Check out the animation - I think it’s in Universal Time though so you might need to do some calculations for your area:


I think I will use this time to do the sun ritual I was shown last night


Wicked cool

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