Sol Invictus

Hey guys. I just did my first evocation of belial and it was great. I found a new ritual space out of reach of annoying people who are taking over my general living space. The pkace was literaly prepared for me. There are serpents around it and also lizards and wild animals. The space i started to use has 3 arches made of bend trees i must go through to reach my area. Its out there for everyone to see yet it invisible. At least for now. I summoned belial who promised me he would take care of the shit that miracolously was created against me. He also gave great advuce like jing paimon yesterday. I must invoke and assume sol invictus said belial. Thats interesting but i dobt have any ideas on how to go about it. Can anyone give me some ideas or research materials?

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Oooooooooh. That’s the good shit.

If you’re going to invoke these spirits you should be ready to feel aggressive and lofty. There’s nothing wrong with that of course, but some people might call you crazy. That will probably piss you off and make things worse. Stay frosty.

For research, I suggest Aristotle’s Rhetoric. Aristotle was a dick about some things, but he was also an intelectually fearless genius. Find a friend who can debate ideas without shitting their pants or trying to kill anybody. Engage in the dark and forbidden art of thinking about shit.

Nullius In Verba


Thats great actually. I just suffered a great betrayal and now im using my time do rituals like crazy to fix stuff. I need the aspect of the sun that will burn my traitors from my core. That will cleanse me and make me invincible. Thank you for info :slight_smile:

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Hey brother the video doesnt want to play what is it about?

Sol invictus was a Roman deity of Sun, celebrations and festivals in his name were performed on day… 25 December! Yes, it was replaced by christmas. You should search more about Roman celebrations of it, you will find something for sure.

It’s just a song. My favorite band named their latest album Sol Invictus.

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Cool :slight_smile: