"Soft Demons"

Got into an argument yesterday about demons. Coworker of mine claims that “some demons are unwilling to harm other beings”.
Anyone got references or personal experience I can use to try and settle the matter?

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Well if you would curse your sis just because she has a weird smile the chances are there some Demons won’t do that.

Maybe some is an understatement

I think it all depends on the demon’s purpose and intention. A mentor spirit like Lucifer, or Azazel, or Belial might decide not to harm someone if there is a lesson for the magician in not doing so that aids in the magician’s Ascent.

For example, say you want to curse someone for something really petty, like they bought the same dress as you. A mentor spirit might not follow through simply because they view it as beneath the dignity of someone who wants to be a god/goddess and while the magician might view it as proving their power, the spirit could see it as giving away your power, because you’re allowing something so insignificant to have control over you.

Other than a specific lesson like that mentioned above, I can’t think of any demon that wouldn’t harm someone at the magician’s request. I’d ask your coworker to name a demon considered “soft.” Then we might be better able to answer with experiences.


I would agree with your coworker. Being a demon does not mean violent and aggressive. They have their own tastes, likes, and inclinations, just like everyone else. Also, not all ‘demons’ are actually demonic; they are just classified as such because of history (and it’s victors). Then there are cases where a demon could just refuse you consistently, but not someone else, giving the impression that they are pacifistic in nature to a particular individual.

As for references, not off the top of my head. Most of the dusty old grimoires never mention anything about the entities listed within being used for attacking people, so there is that.

And I don’t have much to offer in the way of personal experience. I seldom ever attack people like that, and when I do, I work with beings that have a reputation for nastiness; I have not been denied so far.


YES!!! ^^^^ This is extremely true, in my experience. While this does not pertain to violence in my case, I have been denied in a situation like this.

I honestly have not worked with enough of them to say one way or the other, because with all the slander thrown by religions over the years it is hard to know which is truly demonic by name or grimoire entry alone.


Coworkers that talk about deamons? Damn, all of mine only wanna talk about jeebus or atheist stuff.




I lob a couple of soft arguments at the side and his fuckin reply is
“Well I’m an agnostic so I don’t believe in that stuff anyway.”

Why even start this shit with me if he’s just gonna bail?

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Lol da fuq? What a shit head lol

Well fuck
I guess nevermind

The Astaroth Q and A answers this question by the way.

That’s true.there are some entities who fall under the catagory of so called evil being cuz they have chosen to do good to existence. Now you may think why doing good makes it evil? Right. Well suppose there is an entity who would cause all illness /decay to go away, cease . obviously from our perspective he is good. But from god’s/deva’s perspective that is causing the natural flow of existence to disrupt. So from their perspective it is a bad thing.

That’s why you have violent/aggressive gods and also soft/over helpful demons, auras.