Sociostructure entity?

i had a relevating idea! towns, cities, states… are also entities! and… they might also be evoked or contacted… or one might set a pact with it… and people actually do that all the time!
for instance, in my country, majority of people thinks that government is useless, stealing money and scaming people, pushing taxes and choking economy. on the other hand, there is population that honors the country, having country and state simbols hung everywhere in the house, but they are a minority.
20 years into such trend and it seems that manifested reality for this country is to fall down as a victim to bigger entities.

considering that everything is happening in the same time, it would be ok to presume that politics and occuring events AND nationspread emotional currents coexist in the proccess of manifestation.

the prime example would be Nazi parades of rising energy to a common coal, exerted so much will and power that it started a world war.

so i was thinking about evoking the town where i live now. i came here to work in a music school and lead a town orchestra/marching band. i feel good here, i had success and i like the town. i am liked and gaining popularity. i also noticed that my bicycle route that i take everyday is now fixed faster and safer do drive. so i think it as the town’s little payback to me.
hm… did anyone here ever evoked (or anything) the town or the state, or his band (Zach? you might have something to say…)?

i figure i might take the towns amblem, open it like a sigil… how does one go aboutit?

— “don’t ask what can your country do for you, but what ca you do for your country” ----

now the above quote sounds like an offering to an entity. and given your emotional charge toward that entity, you reap such result.

this is the theory. the goal, of course, would be abundance and prosperity.

I could see this as evoking any other kind of egregore. Communities often give off a vibe of their own which could be viewed as a collective consciousness. The same goes for individual homes, some feel warm and welcoming while others feel dark and foreboding. A person in tune with and sympathetic/supportive of that consciousness could likely be supported by it. Just like any other thought form the more energy you feed it the more profound the results.

This goes along with the manifestation of how people percieve things. In the op’s case he believes in his community so the community believes in him. It often works the same for an outcast with the opposite effect.

You should check out this guy’s book:

Right along those lines, he talks about some interesting chaos magick involving entities many wouldn’t think of. For instance, he evokes the demon of Sulfuric Acid. :slight_smile:

Books by the Occult writer Ophiel mentions this (especially in his lessons there is one becoming a power in your community, by contacting and “soul travel” into- indirectly referenced in his other books)

also the book Memetic Magic by Kirk Packwood has powerful concepts in a different context than usually seen (that title is limited avail, so expensive- I see there is a kindle title that is newer and I believe has similar ideas, but I haven’t read or seen that title- so I cannot comment)

<<  Also Alan Moore- who wrote graphic-novels Watchmen, V for Vendeta, From Hell ...   more recently more explicitly in Magickal currents- 

The Mindscape of Alan Moore
Alan Moore: Northampton Tales >>

-as an aside I see what is commented upon as Chaos Magic, is different (much looser) than the more pure Chaos Magic (IOT ~ Peter Carrol, and the German movement of Magical Pragmatique),
which is Quite a Bit diff from AOSpare’s work (which is mostly via Kenneth Grant- who combined Crowley, Lovecraft, Spare and a sense of associations that is wild to follow)
Ref: The Images and Oracles of Austin Osmond Spare by Kenneth Grant (1976)

Not directly related, but in train of thought of above- see Ramsey Dukes (aka Lionel Snell)

There are a number of systems for making sigils from names - I think that would be a good way to go.

Combine that sigil with a few days doing ritual immersion for the town/city itself, to really get you in the “feel” with the town to give you the boost before the ritual.

I would construct a personalized sigil to make contact with the town as the emblem of the town could have a consciousness all it’s own. I have read about chaotes using emblems from corporations, flags of countries, religious symbols such as the cross etc to make contact the consciousness of said symbol. Given enough people hold the emblem with some kind of regard it may have a consciousness of its own independent of the town. Kind of like McDonald’s Golden Arches may have a separate consciousness from the corporation itself, or people hold the Christian cross as a symbol of Christianity but not necessarily a symbol representing God or Jesus depending on their view of the symbol.