Are sociopaths demons in human form? Why are they not able to feel empathy could that mean something. on a spiritual level?


Sociopaths are man made monsters, there made that way not born. Psychopaths are born. Usually do to the brain not developing correctly in the womb etc.
Demons feel empathy, remorse and love like anyone else.
Have you even googled Sociopaths and Psychopaths? Maybe try some research before assuming it’s do to spiritual reasons…


Gotta hope this dude don’t be one one

Why is lack of empathy considered a bad thing?

A sociopath is made from repeatedly getting overloaded with negative emotions to the point they can no longer deal with it and snap into a state of numbness

Without getting too technical, pyschopathy and sociopathy are very misunderstood constructs, but I would say that those with these sorts of personalities tend to be more drawn to demons than other individuals. It is not that they do not feel empathy, but that they are not always inclined to do so.

While some are more strongly psychopathic, antisocial, sadistic, narcissistic, or what-have-you, everyone (and I mean everyone) has some amount of these traits within them, and this is not a bad thing. A little narcissism can be healthy, as it can motivate you to greater achievement, but too much can become a weakness.

In my experience, the demons understand these aspects of the human mind better than any other spirits. The demons do not judge us for our less, presentable, impulses, and I would say that they encourage us to embrace these impulses and to channel them through productive and useful outlets.

It also seems that there is some confusion around the idea of demons being manifest on earth. Again, without getting too technical, I would say that one of the benefits of demonic magick is that you learn to be like the Demon Queens and Kings, manifesting their glory and power through your life. Perhaps a more easily relatable term nowadays would be Demon President or Prime Minister or CEO, but you must admit that Demon King has a much better ring to it.


No sociopaths are people who are broken by circumstances. Psychopathy is genetic. Both have commonalities but psychopaths seem to be higher functioning and are capable of leadership positions. Sociopaths tend to be more anxiety based and are more likely to be arrested for crimes.

Don’t think entities of the other realm have anything to do with it.

Then there are personality types of ppl who don’t like to deal with ppl who shouldn’t be mistaken as being psychopathic or sociopathic.Best place to find a mix of psychopaths and broken ppl, business and politics…

Knew I picked the wrong job

What you think is what you do. If you think not caring about others isnt bad, you wont and you’ll soon see nobody wants you around.

recent studies have shown sociopaths are every bit as capable of empathy as anyone else, they just choose to ignore it.
I’m at work currently but tomorrow I’ll try to find the source article.


My strife powers are out of control. I just started that rumor 2 days ago.

Here’s something interesting about psychopaths. I just read Thomas Sheridan‘s book ”Puzzling People - In the Labyrinth of the Psychopath“ and it’s very eye-opening.


You say this like it’s something that I wouldn’t want.

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My ex is a diagnosed one and he was full of parasites that took over when his mind couldn’t function for whatever reason, a few demons came through when he was in the state and told me to leave, that the life I wanted would not happen if I stayed with him.

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I’m glad that they saved you

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Also psychopaths will feel feelings towards certain people but only a few and it is dulled compared to what most people have. A person also won’t know if the psychopath has genuine feelings for them because they are good at pretending, gaining information for leverage later and telling people what they want to hear.

My ex was confused he had feelings for me and I think it angered him sometimes. He compared me to property because he valued it above people and would protect and take care of what was his.

Glad I’m out of it.


Oh my mistake. I thought you liked interacting with people. I guess since you don’t we’re not gonna hear from you ever again.

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Majority of guys think their partner/gf are property. That’s a fact. Especially if there are other people interacting with the partner. U can tell by their behavior and jealousy. They come off as if they own the person. They will make a point that that person is my gf/partner etc…like owning a book. As if we have no right to interact with them. Even if it’s their gf/partner’s choice to interact. It’s like they want permission asked of them to socialize with the partner in anyway.


Ok not to sound to much like jung but a sociopath is a person that is extremely social that is the major difference between a psychopath and a sociopath they both lack empathy and they are borne with the disorder. On both occasions however none of them have to develop their sociopath or psychotic path circumstances are in play their. But I would say that their nature might draw them closer to work with entity’s like demon or dark spirit.

I have meet both types but never anyone who had the gift. But they would make it their mission to manipulate a practice Magician to do their bidding.