Social & Political Issues: Advice From A Spirit

Okay this has come up 3 times now - I’m dreaming some random thing, and a spirit looking very like a “demon” - human-shaped with reddish skin, male, goatee beard, small pointy horns, tail with spiked end - appears and tells me, to share this:

When you see any social or political issue that makes you angry, before doing anything else, do ten pushups.

I checked, and yes, if you can’t do ten, do the most you can, if you can’t get down on the floor, do them against a wall or stable kitchen counter-top, if you’re in a workplace or whatever, go use a bathroom cublicle. Figure it out.

But this has come up a few times and I know many people on here are politically-minded, so…

There seems to be a definite link between making yourself physically stronger, and magickal power plus personal confidence - so, get busy. :slight_smile: