Social Media Disgust after Workings

Has anyone else noticed that after they work with the demonic that things like facebook or twitter are overwhelmingly nauseating/exhausting? Whenever I do a rit, meditation or any kind of demonic working, afterward, social media gives me revulsion and a headache.


Social media is designed to addict you and overpower your free will.

Magick is the opposite.

Most demons favour free will and will encourage you towards ascent.


Social media does those things to me no matter what :rofl:

Lady_Eva is right, though. Social media messes with you in ways no freedom-loving demon likes.


Yes, it is literally like a buzzing in my head that won’t stop. I think it overwhelms my senses and my empathy

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People on it present themselves and everything that they value in soundbites, epecially on twitter; a person’s entire input is deliberately harshened and pushed in front of us without nuance or relatability. This degrades the ability to see the human first, and the difference (of any kind) second, which makes empathy far more difficult. :thinking:

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It may be because I have so many witchcraft pages on my fb and it is always someone going through something horrible and looking for help. And it is also so plastic. I just become so aware of how manufactured, fake and unimportant it all is. I just feel like I should be reading my demonic books on my kindle if I am going to be using my phone. It is like everything else is wasting time.