Social hiatus at 13 started path to self awareness? anyone else?

did anyone else around here like have all their friends move and went to books instead of finding new people so while everyone was going through a huge change in the way they socially are they talked to a wall for a year?
Then started pondering the universe and only seeing social interaction from the outside and being confused when it happens to you cause everyone else was so normal?

i deadass can’t seem to find anyone…
i feel like y’all would come here.
i feel home here.
a lot more people are awake on this site and people my physical age seem to rarely be awake.

i feel so guilty for connecting with people when i know i can’t give them the same things back
i just feel guilt cause i see myself as using this body as a vessel and they see that as themselves?
like im thinking of what im going to do after life ykno?

“Alexa stream alien boy and Oh Ana”

i relate to those cause in alien boy im making this human life work but i can see what happens and it doesn’t matter what i do because it will still happen.
and in oh Ana it feels like someone becoming God but still hanging on to their last human friends

and i actually wrote a song called “I’d rather be weak” its like id rather be asleep…
but then the album progresses to realising i don’t want that

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i was outcast until 16 then became social, started spiritual esoteric studies at 14, wasnt even my choice in beginning in a sense, i was introduced


You have been blessed to start such work so young. And to awaken while grounded. To notice the differences between yourself and others. Simply continue as you are and don’t allow anyone to change you or assimilate.


got it

It’s pretty much been as you say for as long as I can remember. I just learned to be amused by the normies rather than envious.


i mean if y’all are here on this site i guess i wont be alone no matter who i am


Yes, this is a small oasis in a wasteland. It has its ups and downs, but it’s much better in here than out there.