So, you want to do a spell? Noobs only

First and foremost, I don’t know anything about love or sex Magic oh, those things mean almost nothing to me, therefore, I have no interest.

However, I do understand the general principle of working Magic. And I like to use a simple two-step formula for everything, wrath, sickness, death, money, stuff like that.

One. Whenever you do your ritual, don’t just say the Arcane words and wave your hands around, you have to put energy into the work. What I mean is that you must pour yourself into this. You have to scream if you feel driven to scream, cry if you feel driven to cry, SOB uncontrollably if you feel the need. If you are driven to cut yourself, not advocating self-injury, but ritual bloodletting only. Then do so. Make sure that whenever you go to let the energy go, that you are either and a total emotional High, absolutely enraged, or that emotion has taken you so deeply that you are sobbing uncontrollably.

Two. Once you’re done, do whatever is necessary to forget that you did the ritual. This is called psychological retraction. If you are sitting there, constantly obsessing over the Spell, constantly monitoring your victim to see changes, you are going to negatively impact the efficacy of your ritual. However, if you are able to take your mind off of it, your chances for a successful ritual Skyrocket.

I’m not going to go into the intricacies of Performing rituals, what is needed, and everything else that goes with that, there’s a lot of great resource throughout this site, however, I felt this need to be said.

Happy Trails, unknown.