So you want to bang an angel?

Build a basic foundation, learn to perceive energy with your 5 senses first before trying to interact with entities if you haven’t already.

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Honestly wow! First off I’m fairly new to the spiritual community and developing my psychic abilities. And secondly thank you so much for sharing! I’ve had what I thought was a strange attraction to Arch Angel Michael. I’ve met him once in a guided meditation. And I was so awestruck in a very similar way when I met my celebrity crush. Recently a friend told me angels guides can/will sleep with you And it can be healing. So this intrigued me and I decided to look more into it and I found this forum! Any advice or more information is welcome and also anything about archangel Michael. I’m eager to learn! Thank you :slight_smile:


Waw that was so damn HOT! Congratulations, girl You are so lucky. Feel free to tell us how Your relationship with Raphael goes. It’s lovely from what You’ve written almost like 50 Shades of Grey in real life :heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes:
Yes. I am weird. Get over it XDXD

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Aww this is amazing! Good luck :hugs:

Welcome @britn It is a rule of this forum for all new members to properly introduce themselves, so please click the link below and tell us about yourself and any experience you may have in magick, such as what you practice, how long you have practiced, areas of interest, etc:


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Prophet, I need receipts.


I gotchu



Haha thanks! I did start a journal which has turned into more of a magick journal than what its like to bang Ralph journal. I’ve found myself growing more and more private and posessive of those moments.

Besides as much as I’d like to be I know I’m not his only lover. Not even his only lover on here which means I have to be sensitive to that

But he was always upfront and honest about it. The guy has like a zillion wives :rofl:

Which actually makes sense when you think about it and how men with any kind of authority have always been through history

According to him he actually has a very conservative number of wives :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Anything more than one is just not that conservative in my book


Good luck with your journey/relationship with Michael!

Yes it can be healing which good thing for us because they’re really rough and scary in bed

But you get used to it and even begin to crave it

I’ve learned a lot about myself and what I enjoy through this experience more than with any physical partner

Some of it has really made me question if I’m a good person though

But again you get over it and used to it!



Also occured to me you or someone else out there might appreciate this. I don’t want to give it away and probably seems off topic until you watch it. But I will say it seriously makes me wonder if Heinlein had some kind of unorthodox experience with Archangel Michael he couldn’t talk about so he wrote a fictional story about it. We may never know. But enjoy the weirdness

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The Prophecy movie collection starring Christopher Walken has some scenes that can give a quite brutal idea of what these sweet cuddly angels might be capable of.
Just movies, but they hint at savagery among angels.


Nope, I do not want to bang an angel, as you call it. And I think all these sex wth angels & demon threads lately are sickening. A lot of amateurs here will soon wake up to a nightmare because of their disrespect.


Couldn’t agree more, and I hope for their sake that it’s not going to be a nightmare. Although a very rude awakening might be in their path somewhere down the line. It’s so obvious that they’re dealing with either parasites or thoughtforms. They’re lucky if it’s only the latter. It’s VERY dangerous to jump into “bed” with a spirit if you don’t even know how to communicate with them. There’s a lot of astral trash out there that will tell naive newbies anything they want to hear, and have them believe they’re Azazel or something. And of course, they’ll put all kinds of grandiose ideas into their heads, only seemingly boost their confidence (what they actually want is their energy), and deliver absolutely nothing of substance when it comes to spiritual progress or tangible, real-life results. Some people are just plain disrespectful, too, but the majority of newbies that have been flooding the forum with their “I’m sooooo in love with spirit XYZ, he’s soooo bae, omg!!!” sound like very young and very gullible girls who clearly have no clue who or what they’re dealing with. The sad thing is, they usually get extremely aggressive when someone with experience makes a well-intentioned attempt to wake them up. It’s time they did, because if they actually were dealing with the real thing, they wouldn’t behave like boyband fangirls in the first place. There’s a LOT more to being on intimate terms with a spirit. The overly sexual/ romantic and simultaneously totally mundane character of their so-called relationships gives away the lack of real spiritual substance. Which, of course, they do not realize and don’t seem willing to.


They should stick to the money making candles and stay away from the heavy stuff.

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…or at least take some honest advice instead of jumping someone’s throat for daring to point out the obvious, ffs.


The moderators have a job to do when that happens. Ban them, in Azazeals name. )

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It’s not just the Islam. I don’t know about the “angel looking lustful at them” part, but, in the bible it is also equally stated, that women should cover their heads during prayer and actually, in some cultures like in russia, you’ll see that women in churches definetely do this.

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People can only get banned for breaking rules. Also, I don’t think they should be banned because they’re clueless. It’s just very, very annoying when they accuse someone of jealousy and whatnot who a) isn’t (because, you know, some people are actually confident and jealousy is a sign of insecurity - which they’d be working on if they were with who they claim to be with…) and b) was only trying to look out for a newbie who clearly couldn’t tell left from right.

Where it’s getting potentially dangerous is when clueless people mislead others (willingly nor not) by putting nonsense in their head that could lead to serious problems. Or when people try to portray themselves as “in the know” and recruit a circle of followers who perpetuate the BS. Way to get stuck in a delusional rut.


I was only kidding. :wink:

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We have it here too, but it is regarding the shoulders. They should be covered.