So you wanna be a Jedi huh?

So after seeing a post on Sith Philosophy earlier on the forum it brought back some memories from my past that I thought would be good fun to share with you all.

I use to be a Jedi… thats right a real Jedi. Not like waving around a plastic sword and wearing bath robes kind of Jedi but I was a part of the Jedi Realist Community in my early teens. In many ways it was my foundation for understanding energy work and what not… the Force is basically energy (wow how easy was that).

I was a lot younger and that was when I first started blogging. Thought id share with you some giggles by sharing an old article of mine. There is a whole lot with this article I disagree with but thought it worth a share. If you can’t laugh at yourself and your past whats the point right? lol

So… lets talk Jedi stuff.

The Force

“The Force is a loosely adapted term to explain something which all cultures agree exists, but disagree on exactly what it is. As such, a Jedi dedicates themselves to understanding of all things within and through the Force. As a rule, no Jedi can set down in law a concrete definition of the Force for all to follow, only for themselves.”:- Jedi Compass

There is a power greater than all comprehension. There is never a time that is does not exist. Never a place beyond its reach. Never a being separated from it. It is endless and timeless. This power was never created, and so it cannot be destroyed. In its simplest form it is energy. Everything is made up of atoms and molecules. These atoms are mostly space and energy, and everything is made up of these atoms, and so everything is energy. This power is beyond any term of expression or description. It has been called many names and yet none have sufficed. We have called it joy, love, unity and even freedom. It is all of these things and yet none of these things.

The symbols we have placed upon it have distracted us from the truth. The image distracts from that which has none. One cannot point to it, for in doing so the rest would be rejected. It cannot be sought out, as it is already with us. No practice required, for there is nothing we lack. It is everywhere and everything. It is all thoughts, all words and all actions. It is inescapable. It is the source of all things, the path on which we all walk. It is the un-named that sustains us. I call it The Force.

Inside each being there is inner power. This power is what links and connects everything together. This power is consciousness of not only each person but infinite consciousness and all within it. It exists beyond the cycles of life and death. Beyond the cycles of light and dark. It flows through and within everything. It is thoughts and feelings. This power is the source of all things and all existence. It is everything as one. It creates life, makes it grow, evolve and flourish. It is the death of life, the transformation, the decay of all and the changing of all forms. It is the nature of all things. It is all knowledge, wisdom and all information. Everything is The Force.

The Force does not arise from anything. It is everything. You cannot escape it any more than you can exit the universe. It needs no religion, no philosophy and no ritual or tradition, only awareness. All around you is The Force. In the sunlight, the wind, the animals, your breath, the feeling of love. Every single thing, every emotion, ever spiritual experience. All reality is the Force. Like a fish living in water, it is the destination before you even leave your origin.

The Force contains all knowledge, and thus one should keep an open mind to its insights. It can prove wisdom in times of difficulty, and answers when there are so many questions. One needs only to look within, for we are the Force. It guides us through our inner being. Dreams, visions and feelings are only a few examples of this guidance. It is everything and there are no limitations within it. It can speak to us through symbolic messages and meanings in different forms reflecting our inner energy. When we receive such guidance it is done by means of energy manifestations in forms that in our minds we can comprehend. The form is part of the message and is only symbolic. The form it takes is not it’s true form, nor is it really a form at all. The guidance and symbolic forms are illustrations of a subtle message. Thus The Force can take any form yet still remains completely formless. The Force can also give guidance through intuition. By looking within at inner feelings and intuition one can receive simple guidance and direction.

Cringe over 9000 here, right? lol the past is fun lol