So which is it? Semen retention or semen release?

I noticed that in previous topics, everyone agreed that semen retention is a necessary practice for the male magician but at the same time everyone agreed that orgasms are probably the most powerful tool to “charge” your rituals and manifest your will?

Which got confused, am I supposed to practice semen retention and “sublimate” my sexual energy into magick? Or am I supposed to do it in cycles: semen retention for some time and then release for a spell or a ritual?


I personally have been NoFap for a solid 5 years. It’s easy to do once you get over a certain curve in the beginning. I’ve used semen in rituals to Lilith but have cut masturbating for fun out of my life as well as all porn. I see women in a better light and have more confidence. It’s a great path and I’m sure there is magick benefits to retaining large amounts.


It depends on what system of magick you are practicing.

Semen retention builds chi, and is a component of both yoga and qi gong.

However, it is not required for magick at all, especially Western magick. The Western tradition has numerous other ways to build power for ritual, so unless you are distinctly practicing sex magick, which generally uses a combination of Eastern and Western techniques, it’s really down to personal choice.

I have never needed to spill my seed in ritual (except a sex magick ritual I did out of Donald Michael Craig’s book way back when I was eighteen to get a girl I liked), but I do have a regular sex life.


You could use both if you decided to stretch out the working longer. Six to thirteen days of retention and one of release. I find it can bring more power into it, as it uses both extremes in a form of a cycle as opposed to strictly one or the other.


I don’t remember if there is even a way to pull semen back, that is, probably not if it already “got out” but when it’s about to exit, anyway I believe what’s intended is that one reaches an orgasm peak before ejaculation actually occurs.


Semen retention refers to avoiding orgasm in general if I recall. So you would be building yourself up and stopping just before that point, as far as how I have come to understand the practice. There is another term for it that I cannot recall for the life of me at the moment.


There is, actually. It’s a Taoist technique where the semen is sucked back up the urethra. However, it is dangerous without proper training as you can inadvertently send the semen into the kidney instead of back to the testicles and cause yourself some major health problems.


And now I learn something new.


Mantak Chia talks about it in one of his books, I believe, and says it requires special training.


I will have to look into that. Most of my knowledge with sex and the eastern traditions comes mainly from the Kama Sutra and some study of Tantric Buddhism. I have not really explored Taoism much as of yet.


I became greatly enamoured with Taoism when I got into martial arts at 12. I read heavily on qi gong and the possible “powers” it could give you, and was intrigued by the use of sexual energy.

There is even a sexual sect of Taoism that is distinctly led by female sexual adepts called White Tigress. The adepts obtain longevity and beauty by receiving cum facials from groups of men, referred to as Green Dragons, and using that energy to obtain immortality. The Green Dragons are basically men who agree to be used for this, and the Tigress never has sex with them, she only uses her mouth and hands.

Male disciples of this particular sect are called Jade Dragons, and, in exchange for supporting and taking care of the White Tigress, she teaches him how to use his sexual energy to reach immortality. One technique the Jade Dragon utilises is to watch the Tigress with her Green Dragons, while masturbating, sending the sexual energy up his spine to his head.


Its called edging


Semen retention is actually a fairly simple technique, they overcomplicate it in eastern traditions.

You simply need to strengthen the muscles you use to hold back urine with. Clench them regularly, until they get strong enough to hold back ejaculation.

When you are having sex, as you reach the point of no return, you need to clench these muscles as strongly as you can. This will cause you to have a dry orgasm.

An added benefit, is that you will stay hard and can continue with intercourse, for much longer than first time round. If you practice this regularly, you can basically last for as long as you want or need to. It will also give you a stronger erection and if my ex is to be believed a larger penis, because there is more blood being retained by the blood vessels. Maybe that was just a subjective observation from her part, but it did seem bigger even from my perspective.

Anyways, that’s just the physical side.

The real benefits are spiritual as your sexual energies are subsumed and transmuted. Instead of exiting downwards and outwards, they turn around at the base of the spine and flow upwards along the spine and into the brain, feeding illumination.

This can feed your Kundalini Awakening and once the Kundalini is awakened, the flow can become permanent in a practice known as Urdhvareta. If you reach the stage of Urdhvareta as I have, no more semen exits your body, it is being sucked up into the spinal fluid and streams upwards into your brain.

All this is central to Tantra and for some reason a great secret with elaborate ways to hide the sheer simplicity of it, but it is something that will come to you naturally, if you practice it.


Kudos for your streak :clap:

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Yes this is what I have been doing, but I started wondering if semen retention would be more powerful.

Damn, turns out bukkake was a spiritual practice all along :rofl: (but then again I shouldn’t be surprised because all sex is)

Well that was comprehensive, thanks and I think that it might even change my life. You mentioned something the Urdhvareta stage where no semen exists the body. What if I want semen to exit the body at some point? Is it by choice? Can I choose to practice this kind of retention without venturing into the Urdhvareta? :sweat_smile:

btw is that Lady Lilith on your profile picture?

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In my case it happened pretty spontaneously, I wasn’t consciously aiming for it. Apparently, there are tantric techiques to reverse the process, but I haven’t looked into it.

The Goddess on the profile photos is believed to be Inanna-Ishtar, it is a coloured reproduction of the Burney Relief from the British Museum as it would have originally appeared. It is close to my heart as it was this artefact that originally connected me to Inanna, the main Goddess I work with.

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Apparently, there are tantric techiques to reverse the process, but I haven’t looked into it

That’s a relief, thanks a lot.

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I have no idea, but I ankh as a way to find a middle ground. When close to ejaculation I become conscious of the sexual energy flowing up my spine, and reroute it 90° out the back of my heart chakra. If the random stuff i found on google is to be believed doing this causes it to follow a natural pathway over and around your head, then re enters you through the front of your heart chakra.