So...where should I begin?

Greetings Mundopincha, and welcome back! I trust your life situation has taken a significant turn for the better?

I’m gonna start the conversation off with the most basic, practical step ONE I can think of; a practice that will serve you well all your days, even if you never practice a single spell. Some refer to it as meditation, some as the theta brainwave state and some as simply calming & clearing the mind … call it what you will.

Remember when you were a kid, staring up into the sky … or a student gazing out the window while the teacher droned on & on … how you snapped back to attention upon recognizing that you had completely forgotten where you were, so lost in that gaze you had become? THATS the state you’re looking for.

There are several “techniques” out there to experiment with. The two most common are: a) Close your eyes while sitting comfortably & focus in on your breathing; the feel of it, the rhythym of it, until there is nothing else. And b) An open-eyed version, where you zone out by staring intently at, into and eventually through an object - most commonly a candle flame or incense smoke.

If you will do this every day for just 10 or 15 minutes, you will quickly notice benefits in your level of calmness, your ability to sink into it quicker and you will begin to notice how much the quality of your thinking has improved - having more “good ideas”, knowing what to do or how to respond in unexpected situations, that kind of thing.

Magickally, the benefit is: this is the foundation for almost every variety of practice I know of - divination, communicating with Nonphysical Entities, vision questing, the seeking of guidance/ solutions/ answers of every sort … it applies everywhere.

I’m quite sure this eager bunch is just ‘pinging’ with ideas to share, so I’ll yield the Forum now. Best of wishes to you, dear One. We’re glad you came back. :wink: Z

  1. Theta/gamma sync… master it
  2. Scry, I scry everyday right when I get up and before I go to bed.
  3. Astral travel. Theta gamma sync will have probably gotten you here already
  4. Evoke and make a pact for aid in ascent
  5. Psychic vampyrism
    6 . Astral shapeshifting. Ose will teach you this

Books are powerful and lend great power. Creative authorship bestows tremendous power. Crowley himself expressed jealously toward great authors of fiction, conceding that they were better magicians than he was.

I think that necromaster’s plan is pretty solid. My only point of difference would be vampirism which is something I would file under “Interesting, but possibly inessential.” To my mind, it’s vital to have meaningful objectives on the material plane to counterbalance that mad scientist impulse to spend all your time figuring out how to make people spontaneously combust. Not that I don’t relish that impulse myself, but it has to be balanced.

It is not essential but it is personally the best path I have found for gaining power and ascending.

Oh, yeah. I was talking personally really. I experimented with vampirism briefly. Fascinating experience. I decided it wasn’t beginner-level material. The tendency toward compulsion and obsession made me decide it was something you should only decide to do later if, like me, you aren’t the 100% blacker-than-black type. I would only ever want to harm specific people if I really, really wanted to. My experience is pretty close to what EA wrote up in one of his early books. It felt great, the energy was delicious, but I didn’t see that it actually benefited me and I started needing that energy hit more and more frequently until finally I was doing it compulsively without conscious direction.

[quote=“mundopincha, post:1, topic:163”]Greetings everyone…
I have this very basic question. See, I have this interest in the occult and hace read different books and stuff, but I dont have a practical background, just one or two things that actually DIDNT work (lol).
The thing is that there seems to be a huge amount on things to learn, all seems very, very interesting but Im not sure where should I really begin. Like: step 1, step 2, etc. Another thing: why is the reason, after reading about different peoples experiences, that some have very bad experiences regarding the occult, and why some have never experienced such a thing ?
Im very happy Im here, some other forums on the subject are filled with some nasty people…haven`t seem this here.

You may start with Bardon’s IIH. Try for some time the first three steps and you’ll be ready for more advanced workings.

I don’t recommend E.A.'s books to a beginner, however, because you need a little experience to succeed with them.

(I haven’t read his e-book, so I don’t know if it is recommended for complete beginners…)

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The e book does lend itself to the beginner as there it is a great overview of the entire subject and yet does include some great, specific exercises to help one get their sleeves rolled up and become involved. Even helps a new one determine if they would have more interest to pursue the entire subject of magick. You can certaily recommend it to friends that may be in a beginning stage and wondering “is this for me”?


I agree with you, Maxx; the e-book is thoroughly “beginner friendly”. I suspect EA purposefully made it that way. That was my impression … :wink: Z

Bardon’s books are so right on spot :ok_hand:
Everything collected and much needed is in his books.