So where did I go wrong in my evocation?

So, as I have found out, you don’t need too much to do an evocation. The materials I have are

  1. Sigils
  2. EA Magic circle
  3. Incense stick & holder
  4. Scrying mirror

So what I did was get my papers where I have written my goals and desires.

I get into the thera-gamm sync, I know this because the sigil started flashing. I did some research on trance states, and I have come around to not expecting too much, as being in a trance is just a feeling of being light and relaxed. I felt that.

I say the words “Alash Tad Al-Ash Tal Ashtu” “Come to me Lucifer” “Lucifer, come before me”

I felt a little bit of strange vibes in the air, but nothing sinister. I’ve tried to evoke spirits in the past, and never got materialization or heard a voice, but I felt a presence. I looked in my scrying mirror and saw a weird face with weird facial proportions, but it wasn’t too clear but I know what I saw.

(I wasn’t facing the east. Maybe that had an effect?)

Well, what do I need to fix?

edit: In the video program, EA speaks of how evoked spirits and the weather around him changed violently. At what point of practice does that become a reality?



In my point of view i think you did everything right and im sure the spirit was there with you

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Sounds like a great first start with Lucifer, he is really subtle and gentle.

You are blessed.

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well then what do I do now to improve?

Ask Lucifer, or search for other entities that help improve (sharpen) your astral senses.

that… sounds logical. really, I’m not being sarcastic. thanks.

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your own reflection scare you from the black mirror? j/k . it seems you doing ok. to improve. practice practice practice your will, concentration and focus.

Most times. nothing wrong. Most people think too much , worry too much. make too much drama out of nothing being wrong. Its all in their head cuz expectations weren’t the same of how a magick should be.

there’s nothing to fix. too many newbies think something needs to be fix cuz things don’t pan out the way they want.

I never did the lesser banishing ritual of the pentagram. Mainly because I don’t have a dagger. This doesn’t have any effect, does it?

Also, EA mentions in the video course of how evoked spirits in a trailer and then a violent hailstorm happened. I suppose that is why newbies expect grandios results right away

they don’t realize EA have yrs of experience. lol or that he work on himself too instead of just magick focus. newbies think you cast and that’s it without self cultivation of self journey of sorts.

everytime we advise newbie to work on self to improve their senses they get defensive if it’s not direct solution to their whining issue. lol .as you can see the many threads from newbies. not saying you. just something to be aware of. magick skils depend on your self work too.

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so it appears that incense sticks aren’t recommended. And burners are EA’s choice.

anyway, is the lesser banishing ritual required before an evocation?

Only if you are working in the Golden Dawn system. Otherwise, no. EA covers it in the evocation program only for the sake of completeness.

Because they don’t produce enough smoke for the materialisation of the spirit. Since you are using a scrying mirror to view the entity, the incense sticks are just fine.

the dark knight saves the day again! :bat: :bat: :bat: :bat: :bat:

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I just got back from an evocation, and as I was doing the sigil magic, ya know, gazing at it, see it flash, and then I asked away. I was asking lilith some things about a girl I like, and i got a flurry of answers, I just wrote down what came to mind, as EA Instructed to. So I need to work on my senses, and so it appears that a girl I like is in California. The thing is, I never asked for her location aloud. Can spirits read minds? Has a spirit gave you an answer to a question you didn’t consciously think of or say aloud?

edit: I also contacted Satan Lucifer. He apparently remembers me from past encounters and he told me if I want to achieve my goals, with his help, it will take something beyond what I can imagine. He said he would be willing to help me achieve my goals. But the specific details I couldn’t get from him.

Actually your wrong in this thinking I am not an old practitioner I only started this path back in 2018 and from my very first time I’ve gotten extremely great results with casting and spell making…hearing an entities voice feeling and even picking up on their presents…not every one who is new is the same some are born with the gifts of being connected into the other side others not so much your right in one thing it is good to continue developing your skills and senses as you progress but as far as every thing else it just falls on the person if they were born into it or born with a huge or not

i didn’t say you were an old practitioner. you look pretty young. haha. Of course there are backgrounds that makes people more sensitive to magick. For most beginners they think results should be full blown just like mention by the other poster. It’s not. It takes time to learn magick depending on one’s constitution and what life experience they have that overlap it. Point is, people can’t expect to cast magick first try as if it’s like the movies which many think it’s that way.

Oh I see yeah no don’t work that way unless your extremely well rounded lol I get it

I can definitely agree! I have told so many the same thing, especially when it comes to meditation they are like no i deserve to manifest them now! Its okay, try taking the telepathic approach asking questions in your head. This is the easiest step i take to get answers (the spirits will answer as thoughts in your head.)

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