So what is going on? the Human Experience

I tried searching for a “what is the reason of life?” post to hijack and couldn’t find one.

I know a few people on here believe in alien overlords and mass conspiracies and I’m not here to judge, I just want to listen to what everyone has to say.

What is going on here?

When I was Christian the story was we’re here by the will and design of an unfathomably superior creator’s plan.

When I was RHP we were souls voluntarily undergoing human experiences to learn to be loving and compassionate.

Now I don’t know what to think and it scares me a little. I can’t understand why anyone would voluntarily come to Earth. My own experiences have proven to me that the RHP I was experiencing was both limiting and manipulating me for its own ends. It’s crazy to think Earth is a battery-source for extra-terrestrials that trick souls into constantly reincarnating… but is that far from the truth? Haven’t we powered religious and spiritual egregores by submitting our personal power to them and obeying philosophies us LHPers found out later to be false?

Maybe we came here voluntarily to ascend to godhood. I truly hope so. This world can be such a dangerous and scary place. What do you think is concrete truth? Can people please comment with what they believe Earth and the human experience is as you currently believe it to be?


Different people have different reasons. Some people died and reincarnated here, some were sent here as a form of punishment by whomever, some came due to curiosity(myself), some came here to “escape” another place, there’s a plethora of reasons. Even those who adopted the “become a god” mentality later in their life as their reason.


Did you intuitively come to know this? I know magic is real, that is verified to me, I 100% believe in life after death, I only now think it’s reasonable to be worried that I may die and either be forcibly reincarnated or manipulated into doing it. It’s a worrying thought


I know I’m not born very much and my past lives tend to be anicent but I came here to live a “normal” life that will serve a high purpose way later down the road, and I only really know because I got way off track otherwise I was just supposed to go in it blindly.

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I know why I’m here and I’ve met people who know why they’re here each for different reasons, there’s no single reason for everyone being here tbh. I came due to curiosity, I don’t reincarnate much and when I don’t I observe, I know my time between reincarnation as well.


Everyone is here for a reason
Even you and me
You got the pen you got the paper you write your own story
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@anon48079295 Did you meditate on it and it came to you?

Man it is hard to ‘trust’ what you get, some people come up with the most ridiculous stuff and even publish books about it. Being someone who existed in the Christian and then RHP paradigms it just makes you worry more stuff is a lie… but I’ve been working through this with Lucifer and my incubus, learning to trust myself and the universe again

It looks like RHP and New Age has taken real true things like the chakras, astrology and reincarnation and imbued them with lies to further their agenda.

No I divined it, had others divine it, have memories of my choice to do it. I don’t really believe in “ascending to Godhood” the way I see it is you’re either a born God or a titled god. Your soul is already something be it Angel, Demon, Deity, Fae, etc and you’re currently reincarnated here for one reason or another. If one wants to aim for godhood that’s cool, a friend of mine who I knew in a past life he was a son of mine, we learned I was actually the one that condemned him to reincarnate here because of a issue in that life. That’s actually how we found one another. Even some “out there” discovers hold some truth to them.


LHP is technically part of that grouping too.

This is an interesting thread— glad you made this. You do have a point though. Why would we voluntarily come to Earth? Earth sucks. XD But I think that it’s to better ourselves. Y’know, to put us through different lessons and such. It’s not the most original idea, I know, but that’s the only reason I can think of.

I do believe in reincarnation, though. And otherkin and all that jazz. I have to. It’s helped me through some tough times.


Same, tbh.

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According to islam in the book quran this life is actually a test for us to live, nothing matters here as long as you live peacefully so the muslims can reach jannah (heaven) and get the rewards for their behavior in earth

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Life is amazing especially now, where we live. We have knowledge at a finger tip, running water, transportation that can take us around the world with ease.

I wish people still kept in physical contact like they did in the past. Baal has been showing me my past lives and various “festivals” I went to and how close people where back then because they had to be.


Although life here as progressed greatly, I wouldn’t say that life here is great. There’s mass shootings and people all round who do some pretty messed up shit.

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I have a lot of mucky energy I’m working through because of a karmic situation, but my psychic senses are getting so much better, soon I will be able to interact with Lucifer and my incubus much clearer and probably have talks and divine more information about myself, why I did this, why I tried to hurt myself so much in this life (though didn’t work, I escaped with magic)


Good for you!

So you follow the Hinduism or Buddhism faith? By this I mean since karma is a subjective believe and it’ll affect you concept, does that mean you follow where it originated from?

I believe in karma in some situations
I have seen karma working in some ways

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