So what do you do if an entity does not like you?

So, I have called onna few beings in the past, things often never go south from it, I mean rarely do they produce perfect results, but they dont make things worse either. Even with Archangels, just like with most Demons, they like me and nothing bad ever comes of contacting them. & then there’s Belial. For some odd reason I keep getting the feeling that he doesn’t like me. Lilith likes me, Lucifer likes me, most others like me, but Belial? Not so much. Now, I dont know whythis is the case, but it seems to be it. Last time i directly evoked and contacted him, things at first ‘seemed’ to be improving fast for me, but in reality it was all a manipulative setuo by a few rather terrible humans, and later on my life came crashing down, major debt, major depression, even heartbreak. It felt like by trying to work with Belial, everything went south in a very terrible way. Now I mostly keep my distance from him, though I always wonder what did I even do to get him to dislike me to the point of instead of just not helping, it seemed like he actively tried to make things worse and worse for me. At this point i dont know what my point was of this post, maybe it was just a piece to vent about. I am still pretty bad at communication with entities in general so I am unable to ask him about it. I guess for now it will always be a mystery. Maybe there are some beings I should just never contact period, very odd indeed.

Does anyone else have similar experiences where things have went terribly south after contacting a certain entity? I’d like to hear about your stories.

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@Oceanos, I happen to work with King Belial. I believe E.A Koetting has mentioned he will try to get the BS out of ur life by making u aware of it. Maybe he’s trying to show u things u need to resolve to fix ur life? IDK. In my case, i didn’t take my medication, yet a doc had prescribed them for me. Yeah a tad bit hard headed bla bla bla. I was surprised when he told me I have to take my medication. My 1st thought was, dang where did that come from? I didn’t expect that. I found myself taking my meds with the thought, King Belial told me to do so.
Funny thing, I’d been working with Lucifer before that and he told me I had to get intouch with King Belial. After I did, the things Lucifer has helped me do are things I never thought I could do. Have u been disrespectful to him? He’s not one of those to take that lightly. I’d suggest evoke him, apologize for any dumb stuff u might have done, or ask to start over again. Be sincere about ur request. Offer a sacrifice, and see how that goes. Good luck! :metal:


Ask an entity you trust if this is what the problem is, and if so, can be fixed, and how.


I always treat any being I call on with respect. Since I believe in the whole treat others the way youd like to be treated. The only thing I could possible think of that would be of consequence at all was that I didnt provide any offering when I contacted him. Im the type that shows my thanks after I have been helped, not really before, so I was waiting on the results before I offered anything. Perhaps he didnt like that and wanted something upfront?


IDK. U’d have to find out.

Oh Lord Belial, he is truly a wonderful force to be reckoned with. Aside from my raging lady boner for Lord Belial, here’s what he told me:

He’s breaking the complacency out of you. Complacency in the sense of being too comfortable with how your life was; this can lead to stagnation and a diminishing of influence. To settle for less, or to settle for something that goes against your true self on a fundamental level. Destroying that which you’re comfortable with motivates you to expand your horizons and explore. It’s forcing you out of your comfort zone.

Relying on the commitments of others can bring disillusionment. Sometimes, it’s those connections with people that cause you to stagnate; the connections that make you feel comfortable. People turning on you also reveals their true nature to you.

Also, going with the flow diminishes your influence thus disabling you from having an effect or changing the influences around you. Don’t carry everyone else’s burdens, though you don’t have to worry about that now.

No matter the situation, take it by the balls and ram your cock in its ass balls deep. Show him that you’re not a bitch. Ahaha…


Lol yep sounds right.

@Oceanos, did you read up on Belial before? I’m just asking because it could have helped you understand why he did this.
It has nothing to do with like or dislike for him, this is just his MO. He will tear down anything and everything that makes you weaker and obstructs you. Unfortunetly you normally won’t realize what these things are until the hole appears under you.

Show him you have strength and courage and call him to ask what he wants or what his plans are. Belial always has an idea or goal in mind for each person he works with but he’s not always going to tell you and he’ll never coddle.
HermDemon seems to have summed it up for you but it’s important you be able to face Belial yourself for any true growth.

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These sorts of things have multiple factors just ask them if you have done them wrong if they say yes ask them what the wrong was and try to change your life

The King Belial is amazing if you have attitude to change otherwise you will just get demolished. it will depend on you first as he do not loose time with people that tend to stagnate,in low terms if you are asshole that does nothing and for some retard reason you wish to call for his help you will end up being a asshole and also demolished in the end.

for me he is being the true challenge of life,get up or stay on the floor,there is no more options.

so the message that i always get from him is that i need to be in movement,to make the things happen…the procedure is walk with your own legs as he will not lay nothing free in your way unless you deserve it. ( when i say deserve,i mean that you did the WORK necessary to get THERE BECAUSE NOTHING IS FREE) and the ones that are expecting FREE STUFF WILL GET NOTHING)

so when people say that they Fear the KING,they are only being pussy,they fear they ownself and the incapability to be something BETTER.

and that leads to them to be fucked =)

do not give up on him if you need changes,because in the end you are just giving up yourself.


If he doesn’t like you it’s because their are issues or personality traits in you he deems unfit, Belial will destroy you and rebuild you from the ground up, thats Belial.


I have absolutly the same problem and I summoned alot of spirits and dont know which one did it and Belial aswell it might be him I was a drug dealer and it fucked up soo bad everyone betrayed me this ain’t some coincidence everyone the business is destroyed I try to rebuild it and again someone betrays me I dont know if it is him who makes this happen I also thought it could be azazel when I read when he attacks someone what happens but I didnt do anything to offend them I just dont know will keep searching but this lead me more to believe that its belial

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here is how it went with details I ask the gods whoever it is I asked all to help me with money I start searching for supliers I find them things are awesome then they crash down second atemmpt the same I find 3 people everything is great they all fuck me over I have no money 3rd atempt my friend says he will help me start again at last moment he fuckes me over a smililar thing happens few months ago I do money magic some dude comes who promises good stuff job and etc I get hoocked up believing the Gods help me then he fuckes me over and I lose almost all my money again this is going on for about a year now at least I learned the lesson not to trust anyone is this Belial or some spirit hating me

i had a serious problem with king paimon, i asked Lucifer to intercede on my behalf. no trouble since then.

If it’s Belial as was stated when you first posted, he wants you to Stop. He is trying to clear the path for you but you keep going back to what doesn’t work.
I suspect Azazel would be the same way.


Thank you!!! ^-^