So this just happened

So I just finished the the “Ignition Of The Black Sun” and was working on my astral from. When this was happening I don’t know where this came from but a set of words came to mind. I can’t remember what they were but something similar to the last part of that ritual that I stand against ahura mazda but in I think my own words I am not sure if they were mine or what, but as I was doing this out of fucking nowhere some black winged bat imp thing just rushed in and grabbed on to my left side I don’t know if its my astral form or my aura but just did it and started pulling me. So as I don’t think this has happened to me before I did what most might do and freaked out. I made some blessed water and sprinkled it on me and started on my temple but as I did it I saw the divs and stopped I wanted to do the LBRP and did not fell this was the correct thing to do as it calls on the angles. So I have no clue what is going on I can still fell this thing and I don’t know if the is a test from the divs, a retaliation from ahura mazda or just something that decided to crash here and pick a fight. Has this happened to anyone else or did I just fuck up?


I obviously can’t be sure, but I’ve had a little experience with what I call imps. Imps are energy hungry oppurtunists that find people in receptive states. There are probably lots of definitions for the word ‘imp’, but that’s what I call them.

They aren’t hard to get rid of once you are aware of them. General banishing should work. I’ve used astral methods to chase them and they seem to enter and leave an area by way of drain pipes and other dark unseen spaces. They are easily thrashed by what I see as blue energy.

Remember that you are a human sorcerer. Imps might seem swift and clever, but if they bother you enough to interrupt a good dialogue with a guest in your temple, you can beat them like they’re your least favorite step-child.

(don’t beat kids of course)


Thank you for the information. A part of me was thinking I just fucked up or just attacked an alley. I will start looking up banishing spells. I find it kinda funny that I have a ring, rosary of St Benedict and the monastic diurnal for just such an occasion. I was debating whether or not it was right for a black magician to have those, also I have for some time now been seeing a lot of crows and ravens for the past two weeks. once again thank you for the information.

If you are mixing energies such such as trying to work with angelic forces while starting with work with the divs it may be a case of energies conflicting that cause it.

I had some intense manifestation of the divs during the rite but like that :thinking: but the only other energies i worked with on the regular prior to this were elemental anf planetary.

Look into the exersise “calling the divs from Arezura” and practice that prior to the iginiton. It may help.


Thank you for the information and I will give that a shot. As for the mixing energies, I figured that it was a problem hence why I stopped the LBRP and the imp went away after a bit but the rosary is all I know that might help defend me as I really don’t know how to with black magick or with the divs. I do find it strange, as I was walking home (this happened before the above post) I thought to myself how unsure I am and just not one for conflict and that the divs are supposed to via igniting the black sun help with a form of dominance I am also really unsure of myself in defending myself. So after a good nights sleep I wonder if they might have let this thing in to see how I would react, to show me in their own way that I really can’t work with both energies, and to get me to start standing up for myself via defending myself. As it seems you have some experience with the divs I was wondering if this seems like something that might be on point.

If by both you mean working with the divs and angels i have no clue havent tried it yet, havent needed to.

One of the results of the work of bmoa is you begin to anchor the energies of darkness and chaos within the energy bodies and the physical, hence the last statement in the igniton before forming the shadow body. Another is the forces of “external light” become repeled and finally banished through the 101 names rite.

As a result the practioner is put into the position of having to become the the force of light and order in their own life as all other are banished. The zanda is the counter balance of the darkness he himself summons. Ahriman and div’s are devoid of light so the zanda on this side of reality must be that light or be deconstructed by the very nature of the darkness he summoned.

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If I am following what you and the book are saying by light you mean “stasis” and by dark you mean “limitlessness” as well as the literal dark and light, we can also choose how far into the book we go?

To me if we push out other stuff to only focus on just one thing to me that is limiting yourself, to me it is a human trained mindset that forces us to become religious and fear that which is different and in a way if we are the light as the divs are the dark the path seems to be pushing for a balance and to absorb light into the dark. So using evil mind / evil action, would it not be possible to use all at our dispose? Like how E.A, has called on angles but is doing a working with the gatekeepers, he also worked with zohak. I bring this up because I have been dwelling on this for some time, if when I needed him calling on St Benedict or an angle or any other god or goddess and using a rosary and “Holy Water” or what have you helps protect me even tho the angles and the saints stand against “Demons / Black Magick”.

As for the other stuff I thought we needed the Nexus of darkness, and before that we need to work on suturing the divs and the twin serpents.

The nexus is for the alchemical work of becoming kunda which involve some of the more intense alchemical rites but any regardless of walking the path that focuses on alchemy or sorcery can awaken domar and dehak and work with the divs. Regarding the serpents it must be remembered that these are the demonized or primal force of ida and pingala the serpents of kundalini. The divs are aspects of self, rays of the black sun/ahriman and aspects of the kunda force or kundalini. Through working with the divs the practioner learns to awaken aspects of power that were not formerly tapped into in a way that can be explore actively and and with relative safety.

In regards to the purpose of banishing external light this is so one can focus better on the light of dinvinty within. From my experiences so far this has resulted in my having to turn my gaze inward and on my own inner divinity or inner light. This is one the purposes of the main alter candle. As it is a spirit fetish for housing ones own soul it gives the zanda a way to meditate on their own inner light. As a result i have become more self reliant both in my practice and and in my life. This has also made me more open to learning the lessons other spirits outside the path of smoke have to teach so that i can learn to wield and express different powers.

As you become more familar with the power you yourself can wield the need or idea of calling for forces of external light kinda falls away. One of the main effect of the ignition is to speak the forces of external or imposed light and limitation out of your own reality. As a result you are forced to learn your own limits which you set and the power your own light and not rely on those that were formerly imposed on you.

In this way the perceived limits begin to become focal points of expression of your own power rather than an obstacle that may hinder you.


With thia the only thing that comes to mind is a difference in degree between your work and EA’s regarding the awareness of one inner divinity and awakened personal power. This is mostly speculation on my part. But in regard to “holy water” i generally make my own wheather it be fueled by light or darkness. The practice called “calling the divs” also works as a method of cleansing and protection that may be of use.

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Thank you this was very informative. I have started to notice things such as relying on myself and how ignition and I think I made a blackened fire of zohak, have started to shake up my ideas about the world and somethings have been clicking into place. But as this is still new to me and I used to rely on others to defend me this has been a rather grueling ordeal for me. But I think that is why I was drawn to this path. It is a literal opposite to me to the point I look back on who I used to be and hate it. This path will be wretched at times there is something that keeps telling me to move forward.

I made both what I call “Holy Water” and “Unholy Water”, the latter was used by “The Right Of Consecration” and the prier was used with cold salt water and dipping the crucifix into it.

I will look into “Calling The Divs” from the little I have reread it seems like what I need. I also like how after rereading the blackened fire of zohak that it is like the candle meditation that E.A. talked about. It serves both as a tool for self reliance and to awaken the powers of the divs.

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There is a video uncle birch made on his YouTube channel on how to make you own holy water that does not rely on any power but your own. Dunno if you are familar with his work but I’ll see if i can dig it up later. Can’t hunt for info till i get done with work.

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It’s all good i’ll hunt it down. Thank you for the information it has been helpful. :slight_smile:

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No problem :+1:

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