So the story begins (Journal)

I am making this thread to keep and share my thoughts and experiences.

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15th sep 2020

I suspect it to be astral travel.
It felt like a dream but it was nothing like a dream, not even a lucid dream.

This is actually the second time I am trying to record this, since I am typing it into computer and the first time the electricity threw it right in the middle :confused:

How it happened:

I was quite tired after a productive night and gone to sleep.

Then I remember I was consciouss in some state in-between the awake and sleep state.
I felt a presence but it could also be me - astral body feeling the presence of physical one.
I remember trying to raising my physical vibrations. By artifically feeling it.

Then I felt some force trying to bend me more, like pulling. The more I let it, the more powerful the tingling was.
We had to this more times as I you were trying to start an old car.
It was not done on the first attempt. I actually felt swaying from one world to another, just like if I was a pendulum and it eventually worked.

I suspect that this was accomplished with help of my fellow geotic friend Glasya-Labolas I am working with anow.

I have been to places I never visited in my mundane life. I was always conscinous.
In lucid dream I was the master and could change/manifest big things with a thought, but this was different.


I have been to building of my old high school back at the times.
It was damaged a lot, like after a war. There were half-destroyed U-shaped stairways.
There was also something like gas/air leaking from the walls(!) with a pressure like if a huge pipe was broken.

I was on still standing other half of the U-shaped stairway but I was trapped. I could not go up because of the gas,
and I could not go down because of the gap. What I did was I gone the corner and used my mind to soften the floor and just sank through the floor slowly like if it was a wet sand.


I met some woman and we talked to each other. Then I said like wtf and gone for it with kissing and she didn’t complain.
I eventually backed off, though because I did realize this would result in a wet dream I had no intent to have at the moment.


I was hanging out with a party of friends, I knew them for sure, but never met their faces in mundane life, but it felt like I had.
It was like walking down a street but instead of street it was a road of places (I also do not remember them the mundane world).

We had some every-day debate and eventually came into some building I suspect to be home/house/office.
After some time I started to want them to know that we are all just asleep and dreaming.
You don’t have to guess what happened next - they shook their heads.
As a reaction to that I came with an idea that we make up some words for each other and then, and then I will wake them up and we message them through the net, so they will see it was no joke.
Guess what - I have no recollection of the words :-D, neither I know who the folds could’ve possibly been.


As we were partying (this happened before we arrived to the building) we gone through some “pack” of big cats.
I remember they expelled one of them because it was too little and in their eyes not worthy for mating and were looking for another one but it was nowhere to be found.
I remember I took him and carreid him in my arms a big way. No idea what happened to him or when/if I have ever left him.

The Cooker in the Kitchen:

Well, this is probably the weirdest one of all. This place… I know it from old dreams I thought I already forgot about.
There was a trapped woman (just head) on the cooker that just kept eating fried to black cubes of bread of something similar.
They still kept going like from an assembly line. I tried to talk to her but I was rejected.
Only the moment I was willing to give up she stood up and suddenly she had also her body not only head.
She revealed her veil and I felt heartbroken. But this time she listened.
I tried to tell her that we are asleep and dreaming. To trust me. That she can with her infinite power of mind create things.
She tried to create something on the table but it was failed attempt. So she did not believe me.
Then we stood in front of each other. Most probably we exchanged omse parting words and then I woke up.

The consciousness just shifted. This waking up was different. As if you already were wake and had open eyes.

I have been to many more places but the elusive nature doesn’t let me recollect clearly, I also feel like the experience from those places is still with me.

Night 15th sep 2020

So it’s night and I feel the urge to do some offering to spirits. To all, allies and foes, gods, guides, protectors, ancestors, the ones to whom I owe debt either by my arrogance, offendings and ignorance.

This is the first time I am actually doing this.

I am taking sandalwood stick incense, few matches, a loaf of bread and whiskey.
I come to nearby forest to cast and meet down at the crossroads. I perform the rite, and try to light the incense, but, I fail every time, no match want to light, and if it lights it extincts almost instantly. Soon I ran out of all of them. Damn. I have the whiskey and bread left at least.

I make the libation about the circle along with slices of bread. I sit and try to meditate. I feel uneasy, like if I was an intruder. The fact that incense didn’t want to light up could be an omen that I am not welcomed here. I leave the offerings, thank the spirits and depart.

On the way home I hear and see a lot of deers.

I decided to make the same rite once again at the garden. I did take a lighter this time. I make the offerings again and sit to meditate. After a short while I could literally hear the drinking of the libation.
I also felt raising of my vibrations. It didn’t take long and two young deers come to my garden and just as close as maybe 5 meters from me and didn’t get scared at all. Wow, I never could get even close to wild animals. I really feel the reconnecting to the nature and its spirits. There also came a hedgehog as close as maybe 30 centimeters to me.

As the incense was slowly extincting I pack my stuff and make some sort of “afterparty” license and depart. The moment I packed the things the deers backed off just a little to make me a way to leave.