So some cool shit happened today

I’m really not good at following rules , which is why I ended up here on BALG in the first place so I really dont know where to post things so I’m sorry. So here’s the story, I saw a post about layered mind control/ love spell on here combining several goetia spirits/demons and I said what hell give it a try. So far I called beail, umm very very very Casually. Didn’t go into trance or anything just sort of address him and called him king and asked for what I wanted. Next day I did things a little more Ceremoniously. I took a glass of water and dipped my fingers in it and splashed the water in a circle, my “holy water” was me banishing and creating the space. Next I took a small plate and poured sugar , and pricked my finger and smeared a tad of blood on the plate, I mean a very very very little amount of blood idk how to go about collecting blood without harming myself so I figured it was good enough. Next I took out picture of target, and went to YouTube and started an enn chant of sallos, I meditated as best I can sitting on the floor cross legged. I see changes in " energy " while my eyes are close then I get the image of a figure pointing to a direction as if to correct me because I wasn’t facing the right was , which was bewildering and surprising and happened all of a sudden. So I Abruptly change position, and I point to the picture and Express my desires. Now I can’t really see spirits or hear them but at the same time I do idk how to explain it, but I never never never understand them. Anyway I say goodbye, then proceed to call daltaion. Actually it might have been daltaion that told me to change directions I’m not sure. Ok so I feel another shift in energy can’t really remember what but I know it changed. Ask for what I wanted , said goodbye. Then used my water to end Ceremony. Now this was the first time I ever did a real “ceremony” normally I call them In a somewhat of meditative state and feel the change, and ask and most of my requests at lest to me go unfulfilled. Well tell me why I get not one but 2 women massaging me for hookups today. :scream: mind blown, now my target at the moment appears to be unaffected, but getting 2 others in her place ant bad ethier. There’s still more work to be done towards her and she’s easy for me to forget making it all the better. So the only problem is they live in a different state not far only like 30 min drive 45 at most but different state which is of course a problem now because of travel bans , stupid covid-19. Guess I’ll have specify that’s would be targets need to be In my geographical state as well :rofl::rofl::rofl:. But that’s pretty amazing and they both are pretty much open a hook up and asking me what I like sexually right from the get go. And its pretty fast for it to just be Coincidence. Anyway though I’d share , it’s pretty freaky and awesome at the same time, being god is fun.

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