So, scrying into your own face

How many have tried it? Is it considered a viable option? For me whenever I do so in a dark room the room starts to move and shift, and I see many many faces, most of them very inhuman looking staring back. Did it just last night and had a creepy dream afterward which has not happened to me in months (used to dream of horrors, death, and demonic whatnot often when I was younger).

All I can say is real or self-disillusion, it always seems to leave a very strong affect and impression on me every time I try it.

I do notice though that self-face scrying in full light is somehow more disturbing but less complete than darkened room face scrying. In the full light I literally see my face morph into inhuman things and that can get very freaky. In the darkened version, I see a sort of energy manifestation similar to what happens when I scry in my minds eye/into a blackened mirror.

Anyway anyone’s thoughts on the matter would be most welcome. I attempted to do a search on the topic various times on this forum but could barely find anything on it.

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In my love & light days someone on a forum or e-group - I can’t remember which one - asked about this, because there are shamanic methods using rocks example to scry answers to a querant’s problems, and that person was warned never to scry into their own face, specifically their own eyes, in a mirror.

I recall they mentioned they’d tried it and that it had produced some very disturbing images, and they’d posted to ask was this valid kind of “spirit guide” advice, towards the white-light goals of ascent through benevolence, obedience to various moral laws, and selfless service to others etc.

The person who gave the advice to avoid this was someone I respected for their experience (not just armchair knowledge) and that’s why it stayed with me - this was several years ago.

It makes me think this is a well-known thing and while people in the world of white-magick healing etc., might think it was undesirable, it might not be for a black magician seeking out darker entities and currents?

Some of the stuff you describe also reminds me of this newsletter EA did on 28th March, and the stuff he describes, of the things he saw taking the form of “Every possibility imaginable – and some that I never could have imagined – were displayed on the black, watery walls” also echoes what happened when my work with Ahriman opened up a black channel of whispering chanting voices in my spine, and which I’ve been advised, for now, not to travel into.

I’ve copied below what I wrote about it - after I wrote this, it became distinctly seperate from the Ahriman channel, which is more like a part of me that meets the collective soul of all the black magicians who’ve ever lived.

... there’s also a “darkness” side which (from my limited understanding) is something to do with “potential” and related to what I’m going to explain below about the model of the world I’m seeing at present.

That “darkness” talks exactly like the multiple overlaid voices you’d hear in a Hollywood movie about demons, kind of very low-freq. and choir-like, I think it may be (one of) the entities that’s caused really dark energy to be known as “Legion” – it’s a bit creepy sounding, opens right beside my spine on the left side, and is the one I’ve had the least interaction with at the moment.

… The “darkness” Legion-type multi-vocal entity, I asked it what its nature was, and it replied “Possibilities” – I don’t think I have a complete grasp on this yet, but it’s something to do with the clockwork force taking set routes, which precludes and limits other routes, other possibilities – and that this is neither wrong nor right, it’s just the way things are.

I don’t know if what you see, what EA saw, and what I experienced are exactly alike, but there are enough similarities between them that I thought I’d mention both.

Finally, when EA did the Evocation Of Nine Demonic Kings vid, he described Balam, King of prescience, as looking hideous, “Balam, his face is hideous, like it was a monstrous face to begin with and caved inwards” - Balam also looks, not to be rude, rather hideous to me (by human standards) and since he covers the future, possibilities, etc., I wonder if there’s a correlation between the “possibilities” that EA saw, my own channel that called itself by that name, and the inhuman distorted faces you see?

So please forgive my lengthy reply :slight_smile: but it’s always exciting when someone seems to happen across the same types of phenomena!


No need to forgive, I always love reading your lengthy replies, and they are quite helpful when I am looking for deeper detail on experiences that I have had and wonder about. Fascinating that both you and E.A. himself have had a similar experience with this, it helps me solidify my belief that what I am seeing aren’t self made delusions but instead something a lot more powerful and living (which would explain why it always feels intense and somewhat dark when I use this method).

What you described regarding Balam intrigues me, especially regarding the caved inward look. Would you describe him as looking somewhat corpse like in the face? with almost deep huge eye sockets with smaller eyes within them? If so, thats an entity I saw while both scrying into a black mirror, and since then all the time randomly, and one of the faces I see when scrying into my own.

To me he looks like a black tree of hissing faces on stalklike necks, none of them likely to make the cover of GQ any time soon - this is possibly an image dervied from the old John Carpenter movie “The Thing” where at one point it manifests like that.

In the movie, the alien entity is made up of individually sentient cells that take on the pattern of the lifeforms they inhabit, and I don’t know if there’s a connection between that strong image that was in my mind, and this whole area of possibilities, alternate future selves and so on.

Either way the common theme is what seems like a deliberate intent to be grotesque, and it makes me think this is because seeing the future is against the “natural order” of things.

I don’t think Balam’s doing it just to freak me out, because it’s been consistant and it doesn’t bother me - I think there’s symbolism there, and other demonic Kings have often taken on really pleasant forms or been completely abstract in their appearance, including ones more widely considered “evil” than Balam.

Weirdly, before I saw EA’s vid, Buné had appeared with the same caved-in face, although not trying to be hideous, but definitely like the description in other ways - caved in. I have no idea why!

Oceanos, check this out :

I do this Face Scrying very often.
I have been told different things about it but I confirm and believe the things I found in an old (pre Worldwar) German text. (and there are Folk believes that tell the same story.)
The Faces are your best and worst facetes, past lifes and your symbolic Charakter.
If you are disturbed by what you see you are basicly disturbed by youself.
You can concentrate on one disturbing face and comand it to come. Watch it for a while and dont let it change. It will at some piont “turn to light” and never come back. I have been told it is a good way to clear the past and it feels very freeing.
You can also concentrate on an more human or intersting looking face and make it come back every time you scry. This can result in you remembering a past life and dreaming about it.
The main point of this Scrying is: You are what you see and you are not what you see.
You can see every horror in your Soul but you will see it only while you scry. Dont let it disturb your Daily life!!! (It can be hard)
When you are familiar with scrying your own face you can do it with other people… and you will see demons walking in flesh. (only while scrying! I know a person that can no longer control it and is under medical supervision)

You can lern a lot about yourself scrying your face. (At least I did)
I hope you could understand my bad english.

Oh and the Folk story: At a Full Moon go to a Crosroad in the Woods where you can see the Moon. Take a big mirror an look in the Mirror so that the Full Moon is over your Head. Look in your Eyes (the left in most storys). And you will see your inner self/charakter/(insert other self image). Do not fear what you see it is you.
[I have done it the first time i ever scryed and it scared the crap out of me!!!]

[quote=“Yuquen, post:5, topic:3510”]Oceanos, check this out :[/quote]

The order mentioned has been using this technique for years as the basis for their spirit contact.

It’s a known reliable method using a dark mirror in candlelight.

The above sight explains the how and why of facial scrying.

Basically, the mind has a tendency to fill in the blanks when looking at something. A dark room and a black mirror creates those kinds of blank spots that the mind just has to fill in. It’s that dream like creation that you’re trying to get to in scrying.

I have done this and have had some different results but the lastest one was different in the fact what i saw was inhumame and this time the eyes glowed -it was not scary to me though.

I’m not sure am i doing scrying right… I have tried it by going into a dark room, starting at the mirror (so that i will see my face too) and what i usually get is just my face going weird/ losing all its shape being just “empty” so haven’t really got visions yet. Even if sometimes i can get kinda like… visions of moving things and shapes by just looking into the darkness of a room.